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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Music Blogging
Posted by Jill | 3:20 PM
The Soweto Gospel Choir, in a flashmob tribute to Nelson Mandela:

What strikes me most about this video, other than the beauty of the music and these people, is watching all the white people applauding a group of black people singing and ending with their fists in the air. Can you imagine what Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson and the other pearl-clutchers of Faux Noise would do at the sight of something like this here in the US?

Apartheid began to be dismantled in South Africa in 1990 and ended once and for all in 1994. That's less than twenty years ago, and the races in South Africa have learned how to live together in a harmonious, mutually-respectful society. Here in the US, slavery ended in 1865 -- over 140 years ago -- and we are having cable news anchors having the vapors over black Santa Clauses. What the fuck is wrong with us?

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Anonymous toma said...
How about a 'Truth and Reconciliation' council on slavery? And reparations? The South would sooner secede again. It's their God-given right to be racist a-holes.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's not just the south. Much of the NorthEast and Midwest falls into the same boat. I don't have enough personal experience with the west, but I suspect a large part of it meets the same criteria....

Anonymous The WP said...
I wonder if not having been slaves, but rather an oppressed minority makes a difference is the post reform period.

The blame game is played on both ends of the stick, so I also have to wonder how much each community must admit to owning in order to move forward.

The re-emergence of subtle racism since President Obama's election is troubling on whole lotta levers, but the constant attempt to re-examine the legitimacy of the election is disturbing at the very least.

Blogger jurassicpork said...
#1, I don't see a video.
#2, Economic apartheid never ended in SA. That was a tradeoff Mandela made as president with the monied interests. "We'll let your people vote but we still get to pay them as little as we want. You don't like that, we'll take our businesses elsewhere." Mandela sold his people up the river and he knew it. To the end of his days, he was always tortured by that concession, which I guess means something. Read Greg Palast's latest about this, "The Mandela Barbie."