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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Top 10 Signs Walmart's Mistreating its Workers
     This past week, Walmart was the recipient of some unwelcome publicity in advance of Black Friday Thursday when an associate at the Canton, Ohio store sent a picture to OUR Walmart. It was of a series of bins asking associates to donate food items so their neediest workers can have a good Thanksgiving dinner. This sparked national outrage and even brought ABC News and actor Ashton Kutcher and his 15,000,000+ Twitter followers into the fray, sparking a flame war that lasted days. But the employee food drive to keep Walmart associates from going hungry on a Thanksgiving they're likely to have to work, anyway, is just the first sign that all is not well at the world's largest private employer. What are they?

  • 10) Covina, CA store set up empty gallon-sized pretzel jar for associates to chip in to Mexican Official Bribery Fund.
  • 9) In Mesa, AZ, an extra .50¢ an hour combat hazard pay offered for human countermeasure volunteers to stand at entrances at the 6 PM Thanksgiving opening so management doesn't get stampeded.
  • 8) .25¢ an hour deducted from Irving, Texas associates' wages to pay for Ted Nugent's appearance at next year's annual shareholder's meeting.
  • 7) Marlborough, MA Employee Motivational Program consisting of nothing more than sign at entrance that reads, "Work Will Set You Free!"
  • 6) Anchorage, AK store Employee of the Month gets best parking space for snow blower after being made to clear entire parking lot.
  • 5) Issuing pamphlets at Ames, Iowa store entitled, "So, You'd Rather Have a Child and Lose Your Job?"
  • 4) Hempstead, NY associates tricked on to bus ostensibly to take them to store Xmas Party actually sent to work in NYC's sex trade for a year.
  • 3) Striking employees threatened with transfer to its own Bangladeshi sweat shops.
  • 2) Bismark, ND blood drive mobile stationed outside asking for donations so Board members' grandchildren can use real blood on Halloween.
  • 1) Canton, OH Walmart employees paid so little, bins are getting donations from the Republic of Biafra and Ethiopia.
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    Anonymous Nan said...
    Biafra? That's so 1960s.

    Blogger jurassicpork said...
    It's now known as the Republican of Biafra.