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Monday, November 19, 2012

Does this ad make New Jersey look stupid?
Posted by Jill | 3:18 PM
This ad from a northern New Jersey Lexus dealer is running in heavy rotation on FiOS:

Does any other state have this obsession with "looking like a celebrity"? Whether it's big hair, sprayed-on spandex dresses worn to sleazy discoes on Route 9, or fixations on designer labels to the point that one can make a decent living working at Nordstrom's, I don't see this kind of "Be Just Like A Celebrity" crap in other places I go.

I blame Snooki.

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Blogger Bob said...
Meanwhile, the Ray Catena luxury cars dealerships are talking it up on radio ads about how charitable they are, collecting mops & Lysol "at all locations" for distribution to storm victims. Oh yeah, if your Mercedes was damaged, they're there for you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
you don't spend a lot of time in Rhode Island, i take it . . . .

mrs. jp