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Monday, November 19, 2012

72 to 3
Posted by Bob | 12:25 AM

Do 72 "enemy" deaths for every 3 of their own give Israel enough of a tactical advantage? Why not go for 100 to 3, 500 to 3, 1,000 to 3?  Keep up the killing long enough & there won't be any "enemy" left to kill, but plenty of your own remaining. That would be a great strategic success.

While my natural sympathies tend to be with Israel, anything but blind support in America is treated as anti-Semitic.  One may not even point out that Israel's conquest by gradual displacement   policies toward Palestinians are how we rid most of  our continent of the indigenous peoples & occupied their lands.     When they resisted, we sent armies & killed them. When they complained but didn't resist, we forced them off their land. They wandered off on the own or we arranged  Trails of Tears for them.

Heaven forbid  if you're a United States President who actually tries to understand the predicament of the Palestinian people, regarding both Israel & their own radical, rocket-shooting  leaders.  Then you're either Jimmy Carter or perhaps  a secret Muslim educated in the fundamentalist  madrassahs of Indonesia .

The Israelis have no land to trade. They also have no deadly, contagious diseases to spread among Palestinians; European  diseases probably rid the territory of the future United States of 75% of Indians before we even began to seriously spread out.

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