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Monday, November 12, 2012

Note to Republicans: You can't do it
Posted by Jill | 5:21 AM
So here we are, in the aftermath of an election which saw the candidate backed by racists and closeted homophobes and slut-shamers defeated by the dark-skinned incumbent who backs gay marriage and immigration reform, with the Republicans wondering what they have to do in order to reclaim the Immunity Idol.


¶ Now the Republicans find their divisions newly revealed in the raw. By exposing the party’s vulnerability to potent demographic shifts, the 2012 results have set the stage for a struggle between those determined to rebrand the Republicans in a softer light and those yearning instead for ideological purity.

But before acceptance comes denial. And the party’s first challenge, it seems in the immediate aftermath, is to find common ground simply in diagnosing the problem. Though some leaders argued that basic mathematics dictates that the party must find new ways to talk about issues like immigration, abortion and same-sex marriage, others attributed Republican losses to poor candidate choice, messaging missteps and President Obama’s superior political operation.

“We continually crank out moderate loser after moderate loser,” said Joshua S. Treviño, a speechwriter in George W. Bush’s administration who now works for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a conservative group. He said Mitt Romney was part of a “pattern” of Republican nominees, preceded by John McCain, Bob Dole and George H. W. Bush, who were rejected by voters because of “perceived inauthenticity.”

By contrast, Ralph Reed, the longtime Republican strategist and chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, said he would redouble efforts over the next four years to recruit women, Latinos and young people as grass-roots organizers.

“I certainly get the fact that your daddy’s Republican Party cannot win relying singularly on white voters and evangelicals alone — as critical as I believe those voters are to a majority coalition,” Mr. Reed said. “The good news for conservatives is there are many of those who have not always felt welcome in our ranks who share our values.”

Oh, really? And who, pray tell, are they? Those Latinos whom you continue to paint with a broad brush while insisting that you can trot out the Cuban-descended Marco Rubio and the Mexicans you've been demonizing for eight years will vote for them because they're Catholic? Young women who are just clamoring for mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds when the contraception to which you do not want them to have access fails? People who attend African-American churches who have heard you and your media flacks talk for the last four years about "food stamp president" and call this president "lazy" and wish he would "learn to be an American"? Which of these groups do you think is going to want to hear you couch your racism and your misogyny and your dream of returning to the world of Season 1 of Mad Men?

You want to know how to become a viable party again? Kick out the Galtians and the Krazy Kristians trying to work out their own childhood issues on the backs of sane Americans. You know who I'm talking about -- the billionaire CEOs in their 40,000 square foot houses who will cut jobs rather than absorb or pass on the fourteen cents on a pizza it would cost to provide health insurance. The radio "personalities" with the $400 million contracts who insist that wanting access to contraception as part of an overall health care plan makes you a slut and insist that the only thing black people want is food stamps. Fetophile congressmen who want abortion to be a crime for others but who press their own extramarital paramours to get abortions. Divorced legislators who oppose gay marriage on the grounds that marriage is sacred. Presidential nominees whose wives insist that shoving their religion in the face of people in other countries is exactly the same as putting your ass on the line in a minefield in Afthanistan.

Oh, wait. If you do that you won't have anyone left to buy your "I Got Mine And Fuck You" doctrine.

One thing that you develop when you have been the target of the white Christian male patriarchy's attempts to sustain power at all costs, is a pretty good horseshit detector. And you, Republican Party, are delusional if you think there's any way to put lipstick and a party dress on your hate-filled, social Darwinian ideology and make it palatable to the people you've been demonizing for two generations. It it looks like horseshit and it smells like horseshit, then it damn well IS horseshit. And we will call you on it with every attempt you make to call it otherwise. Because here in the reality-based community, you DON'T get to create your own reality.

Karl Rove discovered this on election night. The rest of you had better learn to deal with it. Because yeah, THAT's reality.

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Blogger Unknown said...
Good stuff. Saves me the trouble of posting same. They really do think they can put a dress and lipstick on a pig and call it Peggy Sue don't they?

The best bit of analysis you can take from all this (and a BIG reason to encourage them to continue doing it) is that you are 100 percent correct that American bullshit detection is on HIGH ALERT (What color is that on the Danger Will Robinson Danger Threat Assessment Chart?)

Fox News is making $$$$ off these rubes while simultaneously insuring that the Republicans will NEVER be relevant in US politics again. It is definitely a WIN WIN for us!!

The Republicans are too crass or stupid to realize that for every 100 million they toss at Rush to support his drug habit, they are simultaneously flushing their sanity down the toilet with his tainted urine. I used to VOLUNTEER (as the liberal foil) on a local FOX affiliate in Jackson (called Bush a WMD liar FROM DAY ONE!!!) because I knew that contributing to their 'over the top' broadcasting style WOULD eventually work in our behalf.

It turns out I received quite a delayed compensation package from WJNT, even though they never paid me a dime. It came gift wrapped to me on November 6th. With accrued interest it was a pretty good chuck of CHANGE.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Exceptional.. scathing .. accurate
lightning bolt head punch ..

I wish we could see more
of this kind of observation
up here in Canada..
where we have a Karl Rove wanna be
as Prime Minister ...
and his lipsticked piggy club
clap clapping at his every snort

Blogger skywind said...
I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning...

Anonymous KanaW said...
“perceived inauthenticity” ???

Excuse me while I choke on derisive laughter.

Anonymous draftmama said...
Lovely - however as a horse owner I can attest to the fact that horse poop smells delightful - a more apt analogy would be dogshit, which smells awful and sticks to your feet.

Blogger Bob said...
Never underestimate the gullibility of the American people.