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Monday, November 04, 2013

Blogrollling In Our Time: Are You SURE You Want This Man To Be President? edition
Posted by Jill | 5:40 AM
Hello, kind readers,

It's been a tough four weeks, as I'm sure you can imagine; weeks in which the important developments in the world just don't seem all that important to me when there is constant business to attend to involving death certificates, letters of administration from the county, certified mail, transferring car titles, and that's all without getting back to work and going through stuff so I can have a massive yard sale. All of this punctuated by otherworldly wailing that upsets the cats a great deal. Most of the time I am so exhausted that I can hardly function, let alone write in a coherent, enlightening and entertaining way about the nightmare that is today's Republican Party.

But I wanted to add a new blog to the blogroll, since much of what I've been doing lately where that's concerned is purging blogs that no longer exist (though I'm happy to report that TBogg, one of our oldest links, could not stay away from the siren song of ranting and is now ensconced over at Raw Story with a new name, Panic in Funland.

Jersey Jazzman's fifteen minutes of fame started when he received a report from one Melissa Tomlinson, a teacher from south Jersey, about her encounter with Joe Scarborough's true love, Chris Christie:

Well, I was in a crowd of all Christie supporters with my sign. They were all eyeing me apprehensively. A few tried to stare me down. Some of them even blocked me from the crowd.

When his bus arrived one of his henchmen went on the bus to speak to him. I was right at the door. It was like he was told to deliberately turn away from me when he got off of the bus.

I went to listen to him speak. I stood in the front of the crowd that was standing towards the back. I know he caught sight of me. He stared at me a few times during his speech. I left right as his speech was over to position myself right at the door of the bus. He came out, shaking everyone's hands as he was getting on the bus. I asked him my question, expecting him to ignore me but he suddenly turned and went off.

I asked him: "Why do you portray our schools as failure factories?" His reply: "Because they are!" He said: "I am tired of you people. What do you want?" I told him I want money for my students. He fought back with the amount that he has spent on education. My response was along the lines of the fact his amount was not actually an increase from the previous years, given the rate of inflation and other factors.

Click over to see the photograph of the monster that is Chris Christie -- a hothead who thinks he's always right, will not countenance any dissent, and refuses to acknowledge errors even when presented with facts. And in case you think this is just an anecdotal story from a blog, here's the Star-Ledger's article on this confrontation.

So because Chris Christie is, thanks partly to a cowardly and craven Democratic Party that refused to support his opponent (and indeed had planned not to even try), going to be re-elected in a landslide on Tuesday, and because the inevitable presidential timbre blowjobs from the media will begin immediately thereafter, we are adding Jersey Jazzman to the blogroll under "Brilliant New Jersey Blogs" so that the two dozen or so of you who still read this blog can tell all your friends who only hear what Joe Scarborough tells them about Chris Christie what the man really is.

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