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Monday, January 07, 2013

Just checking in
Posted by Jill | 5:57 AM
Faithful readers,

Thanks for sticking with B@B during my absence due to the passing of my mother from this mortal coil. I am doing OK, aside from the baffling weepies that affect me when I least expect them. I am just back from North Carolina, where I spent a week and a half bagging up hundreds of never-worn items of clothing for the thrift shop, sorting hundreds of pieces of costume jewelry, and classifying hundreds of collectible teddybears. Watch for the Ebay store coming soon. I'll be back to posting as soon as I catch up.


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Blogger Patricia said...
Jill, I am so sorry for your loss. Take all the time you need to settle your mom's affairs. Your readers will be here when you return.

Blogger Ahab said...
My deepest condolances. Wishing you strength and comfort in the wake of your loss.

Anonymous KanaW said...
My deepest sympathy on the loss of your mother, Jill. Take care of yourself, and take as long as you need.

Blogger Ramona Grigg said...
So sorry for your loss, Jill. It's hard any time, but the holidays are weepy times, anyway. Your memories will sustain you and you'll find yourself smiling again.

Can't wait to see you back here, but, really, take your time.

(And eBay is really not a bad idea.)


Blogger jurassicpork said...
Hey, girl, welcome back. Sorry I haven't been picking up the slack but there have been many reasons why I haven't posted in a week. Mrs JP nearly got stranded indefinitely in Vero Beach and I had to spend $150 I didn't have in what essentially turned into a ransom situation when her sister reneged on her promise to provide the return air fare. Plus, there are other reasons for my (until today) enforced silence that I won't go into.

Of course, you have had much more traumatic events to deal with (although I sympathize with your struggles dealing with family) and you've had immeasurably better reasons than I for going to ground these past few weeks. I'll try to be more diligent in keeping the content fresh here at B@B, despite the frenzied blender setting life has been for me.

Anonymous newbroom said...
The holidays....the holy daze...always time for charged emotions. I wish you a strengthened resolve to embrace the good things your mother showed to you either through her example or her ministrations. She is now at peace, we selfishly pray.

Anonymous jb said...
So sorry, Jill. I admire your dedication, and I look forward to you returning to this stand whenever you're able.