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Saturday, April 06, 2013

I think we're all bozos under this bus
Posted by Jill | 6:33 AM
I wonder if we'll ever again have a president without a lot of childhood baggage that plays out in the lives of the people he purports to lead. Bill Clinton's father was killed in a car accident before he ever met him and his stepfather beat him, his brother and his mother -- so he needs to be loved by everyone (including young female acolytes). Designated Family Shithead George W. Bush had to prove he had a bigger penis than Daddy's, so he sent this country's young people to war in a country that had done nothing to us. And now there's Barack Obama -- a mixed-race child raised variously by a bohemian mother and white-bread white grandparents from Kansas, straddling two worlds and spending his life trying to show that he's not one of those threatening black men and wanting desperately to be liked by the flyover states crowd that lived in his grandparents' neighborhood.

It's not that it would have been any better under Willard Rmoney -- another guy with a Louis Vuitton steamer trunk full of Daddy Baggage. The question is which is worse -- the guy who screams that he's gonna beat you till you beg for mercy so you know what's coming, or the one who takes you out for a nice dinner before turning into Mr. Hyde at home.

I don't know why people thought that the Secret Liberal they always knew Obama was would come out in his second term. I took a great deal of crap from people I care about back in 2008 when I pointed out the ways in which Obama wasn't the liberal dreamboat they thought he was. Yes, I voted for him -- twice. I voted because in ways not all pertaining to domestic policy Rmoney would have been worse. It's hard to imagine, given drone strikes and license to kill Americans and now his plan to starve old ladies and disabled people and deny people like my father the care they need to continue to have good quality of life, that Rmoney would have been worse. But yeah, he would have been. So it all comes down to would you rather have known you were going to have the crap beaten out of you or have it be a semi-surprise because while you know he's done it to you before, hope springs eternal? I don't have an answer to that.

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Anonymous ShortWoman said...
Well, I for one never believed Obama was a "secret liberal," just that he was a better option than McLame or Rmoney.

But no, I don't think a well-adjusted guy would ever spend millions of dollars on a job that officially only earns $400,000 per year for 4 years -- and then you have to spend millions more to keep it!

Blogger D. said...
Has no one reminded the President that the Sainted Reagan held Social Security sancrosanct?

(Replacing Howard Dean in 2009 told me all I needed to know.)

Blogger Phil said...
The old "lesser of two evils" quandary.

Yes, I voted for Obama twice myself much for the same reasons.

Not only would Rmoney would have hastened our economic disaster, even worse, those rotten fucking Neocons would have gotten hold of our foreign policy again.

That would have basically destroyed this country at this junction.

Obama has found the power intoxicating and has made some disasterous decisions but Rmoney would, by this point, have turned this country into the Republican dream of a complete Oligarchy with Despotic overtones for extra style points.

Blogger jurassicpork said...
Well, I think we all now know how I voted last November, the proudest vote I ever cast in my life, the first time I actually voted for someone for president and not just against another. And I took a lot of hits for it, both here and elsewhere. Like I give a flying fuck.

But everything I ever said about this man is solidly backed up by incontrovertible facts: The chained CPI, the countless murders through drone strikes and the posthumous lies about the civilian casualties, the undermining of unions, vacuuming up oceans of cash from Wall Street, installing Goldman and other Wall St sociopaths in his administration, the permanently high unemployment rate, the NDAA, the second half of the bailout, retroactive telcom immunity, unwavering alliance with Israel and virtually ignoring Palestine, keeping us in Iraq for 3 more years, STILL in Afghanistan, the erosion of whistle-blower protections, molly-coddling the Bush war criminals, further bloating the MIC, a completely worthless AG who just admitted Wall St banks are too big to jail...

When I mention these things, they just sneer and pretend I don't know what I'm talking about or say, "Well, well... Romney would've been worse."

No, he wouldn't've. Because it would've stretched even Romney's capacity for greater evil to the snapping point, to be even worse than the worst President in American history, Barack Hussein fucking Obama, 1st Chancellor of the United States. You're telling me if these things were carried out under another GOP president, you wouldn't suddenly become better informed and screaming your fool heads off about all this?

"Better than the alternative?" People, I keep telling you even as your Social Security, Medicare and Constitutional protections are served up on the table to equally fascist Republicans, Obama is the alternative. When the fuck will you stupid-ass liberals wake up? It's so screamingly obvious this is merely the third and fourth Bush terms we were dreading. And no matter many fucking excuses you make for this fascist twat, our country is still going to the dogs, or rather the jackals of Wall Street.

Blogger bluicebank said...
As the saying goes, only Nixon could go to China. Only a Democrat could go after Medicare, Social Security, civili liberties, etc., and get away with it.

The premise Romney would have been worse than Obama assumes that the White House exists in a vacuums, as well as ignors history. Romney is most certainly worse than Obama, but would he have gotten away with what Obama has?

I recall when GW Bush tried to privatize Social Security. The Left took him to school. But with Obama, the chained CPI idea, among other Right-wing notions and accomplishments, has the Left divided between supporters of the man and supporters of Liberal positions.