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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Everything that's wrong with the shareholder model of corporate money in one article
Posted by Jill | 7:59 PM
The latest about Apple stock:

Apple today reported revenue of $28.27B for the fourth quarter and $6.62B in net profit ($7.05 per diluted share). These numbers compare quite favorably to $20.34B and $4.31B ($4.64 per diluted share) for the same quarter last year.

Gross margins for Apple during Q4 were 40.3 percent.

During the quarter, Apple sold 17.07 million iPhones (21 percent growth year-over-year), 11.12 million iPads (166 percent growth), 4.89 million Mac computers (26 percent growth), and 6.62 million iPods (27 percent decline)


Despite the good news coming out Cupertino today, investors weren't too terribly impressed. Analysts were expecting revenue of $29.69B and earnings per share of $7.39. They also expected quarterly iPhones sales to be in the 18 million to 20 million range.

Apple shares are down over $26 in after hours trading.

Wall Street analysts are like the Critical Parent of the Transactional Analysis model developed by Eric Berne in the 1950's: No matter how well you perform, they always want to know why you didn't do better.

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Anonymous southern Beale said...
Wall Street analysts are like the Critical Parent...

Wall Street is like a schizophrenic coming off a week-long crack binge.

Anonymous BNJ said...
Here I must agree with you. Everything is about growth growth growth. What's wrong with a company that isn't doubling in size but is consistently profitable, year after year? Why would someone *not* want to invest in such a company? And yet by prizing unsustainable growth rates above all else, the Street disparages such operations.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's not that Apple didn't make money, its that they didn't make the kind of money Wall Street wanted.

Yes, greed is a terrible addiction...