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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Don't be a Pepper
Posted by Jill | 5:54 AM
Remember the good old days, when the adorable David Naughton urged us to join him in being a Pepper?

Times have changed, and with over 14 million Americans out of work, many of them men who now wonder if they will ever work again, and if they don't, just who they are, concern about masculinity is at an all-time high. Enter Dr. Pepper, with a 10-calorie drink that they're marketing specifically to men, because 0-calorie questionable-tasting soft drinks sweetened with poison just aren't macho enough for them. No more wussy-ass song and dance guys who looked like the cast of Glee long before Glee was even a gleam in Fox's eye. No, in the new Land of Pepper, ten calories = one penis:

But this ad isn't the worst of it. The worst is the "10 Man-Ments" that are part of the ad campaign. Apparently you have to "Like" it on Facebook to get to it, so we'll let Chicagoist reveal it for you.

The intrepid Amanda ventured into the fetid swamp of male anxiety so you don't have to:
Obviously, Dr. Pepper rolled out this campaign before there was a mass shooting that left 8 dead, in which the murderer was apparently motivated to get revenge on his ex-wife over not getting his way in a custody battle. But if they'd done a little market research, they would have been able to predict the reaction from the very same misogynists they hope will buy up their soda. David Futrelle gathered some at Man Boobz. The theme of the comments he collected was, "Children are the property of men who create them all by themselves by ejacualating into incubators we call "women", and when you're done with your incubator, she shouldn't be able to get custody over your child-property, no matter what a judge says. And anyone who disagrees only has themselves to blame if they get shot in the face."  A sample:

E]nough of this type of offensive action might just start making women and their supporters* think twice, especially if they also become targets. (* Divorce attorneys, child services workers and counselors, family court judges, and other enabling cogs in the feminist legal system)......

Essentially men need to tell feminism to shut the fuck up, give it a vigorous slap across the face thus reminding it who is the biological superior, then order it back into the kitchen/bedroom.......

What options other than overt acts of physical violence are there for a man to deal with a shrew ex and corrupt family court system?....

Most men will just lay down and be resigned to the state-enforced kidnapping and extortion plot, but some are made of tougher stuff and for you to whine about this dead ex-wife or that is inconsequential and no loss to humanity.

I submit that women … are much more likely to pay attention when they’re being threatened.

In case you were wondering what's going on in the mind of the Tea Party male who's blaming everyone else for his troubles, there you go.

I'm quite sure that when the "creative" and the account guys at Deutsch, Inc. (the ad agency that perpetrated this monstrosity) got together in a room, they imagined themselves to be Don and Pete and Roger and Kenny and Paul in the halcyon days before that kiljoy Peggy got all uppity on them. It would not surprise me if the Mad Men ethos permeates today's ad agencies, as the denizens therein, many of them not around during those days when ad guys, not finance guys, were the masters of the universe, try to capture those long-lost times.

If the name "Deutsch" sounds familiar to you, it's because yes, it's THAT Deutsch -- Donny Deutsch, most familiar to political junkies as the guy on Morning Schmoe who obviously gets up in the morning and thinks that because he looks a little bit like Jon Stewart, if he just combs his hair the same way people will think he IS Jon Stewart. Here's a classic Donny Deutsch moment, which tells you everything you need to know about him:

That's just what Occupy Wall Street needs -- for a bunch of kids to get killed. Yeah, that's the ticket. you can't BUY that kind of publicity. Of course, this shouldn't surprise anyone who in this day and age creates an ad that's nothing more than a retooling of this:

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Anonymous BNJ said...
>...the Tea Party male who's blaming everyone else for his troubles...

Uh... have you listened to some of these OWSers lately?

Blogger Ahab said...
Ugh. I can't stand the new Dr. Pepper commercials. I think you hit the nail on the head that the commercials are speaking to sexist men's anxieties, which is nothing new in advertizing, unfortunately.

I forget the brand, but there are beer commercials in which some guy gets chided by other man for doing unmanly things (drinking the wrong beer, doing something embarassing in public, etc.). More of the same.

Anonymous BillCinSD said...
That's Miller Light, Ahab. And they don't make me glad that I'm a a man

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hmmm...so being a REAL MAN is being some kind of bone-brained, Neanderthal knuckle-dragger? I'm getting real tired of this....y'know, that's not how manhood used to be defined, back when....

Hmmm....along those lines, note that scientists have pointed out the modern men have a lower sperm count than our forefathers..we're literally half the men they used to be. Also, our forefathers didn't obsess how how macho they were..they just went out and did what had to be done, and didn't make a big deal out of it.

So....is all this uber-macho stuff just a compensation factor for feelings of inadequacy, incompetency, and insecurity on the part of today's Real Murikan Male?

Blogger Jill said...
Carolyn: Believe me, we're plenty embarrassed by the Jersey Shore crowd. We're also known is the Mob capital of the country, between The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire. On a more positive note, you guys have the Allman Bros. Band and we have Bruce Springsteen. I think that makes us pretty much even. :-)