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Friday, August 05, 2011

Move over, George W. Bush, there's a new smirking fratboy in town
Posted by Jill | 6:34 AM
This is priceless. Watch Dylan Ratigan take that smirking punk Luke Russert to the woodshed:

You can bet your next paycheck that Ratigan got a good hard dressing down from the NBC suits for daring to question the Spawn of Timmeh.

(I guess now I have to start a new blog, "Sweet Jesus I Hate Luke Russert." =sigh=)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yes, now we can have trade agreements that will create more jobs.... wait a minute, didn't the last one of those make it possible for companies to TAKE JOBS AWAY FROM US!? Don't you love selective amnesia?

Blogger Suzan said...
Thanks for exposing this fraud who was only hired because of his last name and ability to read any script.

We should compile a list of these frauds in the media and publicize their words every time they spout MSM nonsense like "job creators" and "NAFTA benefits."

Now that would be newsworthy.

Blogger Pangolin said...
He broke one of the primary rules of television broadcasting.......

Thou shall not insert reality into any conversation on television not involving crab fishing.

(or words to that effect)

Yeah, free trade agreements are going to increase U.S. job growth. Just as soon as U.S. minimum wage drops to $0.30/hr with no protections, social insurance or benefits.

At some point the unemployed need to march down to the docks and stop the container ships unloading junk. That's where the real problem is.