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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Only Part That Wasn’t Bloody
Posted by Tata | 11:58 AM
White guys are fucking confused. This editorial was on the front page of yesterday's Star Ledger, which should be confusing enough:
President Obama is a fine man, but he just got rolled by Republicans again.

He wanted a grand bargain, and they said no. He wanted a balance of spending and tax changes, and they said no again. And now, with 14 million Americans out of work, he’s about to sign an agreement full of job-killing spending cuts. This, he tells us, is good for the country.

You get the feeling that if they kidnapped his dog, he would pay them money to return it. And say thank you.

The solution here is obvious: Obama needs a blood transfusion from someone meaner, someone who doesn’t shy away from a fight, someone who is willing to take his case to the people and force change.

He needs a dose of Gov. Chris Christie.

If there is anything that should tell us our pundit class has gone 'round the fucking twist, it is admiration for bullies by people claiming to defend the defenseless. This front-page editorial on the online paper was titled Moran: President Obama needs a dose of Chris Christie. What are we saying about Christie here? Is he strong medicine? Is this sexual innuendo? Skin lightener? The paper itself said something entirely different.
What Obama's missing:
The guts of our governor

That's so offensive you might almost overlook the fat joke.

The Star Ledger, one of the newspapers in New Jersey not yet staffed entirely by college interns, turned over its front page, above the fold space to opinion. Let that sink in for a moment. The only thing that can be said in the Star Ledger's favor is that other newspapers have been offering opinion on the front page, but presenting it as reporting, like the New York Times, for instance.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, it may be offensive, but let's face it: there's some truth to it--Obama just doesn't seem to have it in him to fight hard for ANYTHING. Frankly, he seems to be channeling his inner Neville Chamberlain. And I'm sorry if that's gong to be considered offensive.

But let's face it: Harry Reid is no better. Now that we have the FAA standoff, Harry Reid seemed to be all ready to give up on that as well. Why is this man still Senate Majority Leader?

Anonymous tata said...
We are accustomed to hearing hucksters call one celebrity or another "the new *blah blah*" in order to pretend to set a standard, but that creates the illusion that we are all tin cut-out versions of other people. But, and this is important, we are not. We are each ourselves.

Barack Obama does not need to do anything or any task we assign or to be anything we ask. He is doing what he wishes to do and his accomplishments, disappointing to us as they are, are fine with him. He tells us so over and over.

Isn't it time we recognized this for what it really means? Stop wishing reality fit our desires and see what is really there to be seen.

Anonymous the wifely person said...
I pretty much agree that the president's rollover was a disappointment. I was so hoping he'd stand up and call them on the greed and selfish behavior they've exhibited. But he didn't.

The pragmatic part of me recognizes that the House is controlled by the right and they are there because they won in their districts. Ergo, we have the government we elected.

Of course, there’s the other part of me that wants to believe Obama is cagey and he rolled over so they can have enough rope to hang themselves in 2012, thereby reassuring his re-election and the election of a blue House. Although that is no guarantee of maturity, either.

Blogger MagginKat said...
I hoped until the last second that Obama would grow a pair and invoke the 14th amendment. What fun it would have been if he had done that and then said the Republicans were a bunch of deadbeats who ran up a bill & are now claiming bankruptcy to unload it on the poor, the disabled & the seniors. What a joke - Obama did just as feared and rolled over. He tucked his tail between his legs like a beaten dog and said "next time". Anyone who thinks I will hold my breath until next time is nuts!

Blogger Arthur Mervyn said...
I'm not familiar with the Star Ledger, but I didn't find their opinion offensive. They didn't say they admired Christie, they just said they wished Obama had some fight in him. And wishing Obama had the "guts" of Christie is not a fat joke; wishing he had the "gut" (singular) would be a fat joke, but also wouldn't make much sense.

Anonymous Very tired AlphaHusky said...
He needs a transfusion from Charlie Sheen. The man is pond scum, but even when he's so clearly insane, he somehow keeps fighting.

And of course, I'm duh! JOOOOKIIIING!!!