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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I only WISH this were from The Onion
Posted by Jill | 7:58 PM
But it isn't:
A version of the anti-abortion initiative soundly defeated by Colorado voters in 2008 is making its way to the 2010 ballot, this time reworked as an “egg-as-a-person” initiative.

This new version would move the legal definition of a person further back into the reproductive cycle, granting cells the full spectrum of citizen rights. Opposition groups, including Colorado genetic and fertilization researchers, say the law would have spiraling consequences, that it would put women at risk and freeze current work in medicine and reproduction.

Colorado Right to Life and Personhood USA, the groups behind proposed Initiative 25, are undeterred by the fact that Coloradans voted against the test-run amendment last year by a margin of three to one. The new amendment is even farther reaching, moving the initial marker for the beginning of life from “fertilization” to “the beginning of the biological development of a human being.”

And to think I used to joke about having to send your used tampons to the government for inspection to make sure you didn't pass any fertilized eggs. Now you'll have to send them every time you have a period, because by this law, every menstrual period is an abortion.

Next up:

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These guys really are very scary. However, I think that article may go a bit far in stating that the personhood law would apply to eggs and sperm. The Personhood website says that personhood starts at the moment the sperm touches the egg and creates a human being. http://personhoodcolorado.com/content/questions-about-personhood#. But because the definitions aren't clearly spelled out, it could conceivably be interpreted more broadly, i.e. individual sperm and egg cells.

Even if the law would only apply to fertilized egg cells, this proposition is really bad news. If you take a look at the Personhood Colorado "scare tactics" page, http://personhoodcolorado.com/content/scare-tactic-alert#, you'll see what I mean. The page is very, very carefully worded, and upon careful reading I can only conclude that the "scare tactics" they attempt to repudiate are right on the money.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
If an "egg is a person" then wouldn't the "egg" be violating the 13th Amendment by forcing the mother to carry the egg to term ?