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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grayson/Franken 2016
Posted by Jill | 10:22 AM
Or Franken/Grayson. Or screw it, how about 2012? If, as I'm reading elsewhere, Barack Obama is willing to sell out public competition for insurance companies on the altar of the worship of Olympia Snowe, then the hell with it. Let's run these guys in 2012 and get our country back already:

(heh. "Captain Cojones.")

And for those who would say, "What about a woman?" Sorry, but mere presence of a uterus in the Oval Office isn't going to guarantee that this government is run for the people rather than lobbyists.

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Anonymous DKFan said...
I don't understand his dismissal of the cancer stats as "survivable" cancers. Wouldn't those be the ones it would make sense to compare?

Blogger Distributorcap said...
you mean you arent thinking about
Palin/Bachmann in 2012

i wish we had more alan graysons

and on another note -- i cannot wait until i DONT have to see one more corzine or christie ad

Anonymous tata said...
I'm waiting for fire-breathing progressive femmes to do the same thing Grayson and Franken are doing. In fact, the more the merrier. I'll take fire-breathing progressives in whatever shape and form they come.

Blogger Mr. Natural said...
While I applaud some of the things President Obama has done, when I saw the people he surrounded himself with in the White House, as well as his alliance with the Clintons, I saw the writing writ big. He suddenly came out of Illinois politics with a smooth smile and a glad hand. We don't NEED no stinking glad hand democrats, we need PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS WITH CAJONES TO STAND AND SHOUT.

I am 63 years old, a veteran of military service, AND a veteran of environmental movement.

This is a brilliant post, I thought of copying it wholesale into Left Edge North, but instead linked to you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm all for that ticket !

Oh goodness, a month ago Alan Grayson called some lobbyist lady a “K Street whore” and now the Internet has gotten a hold of the secret whore tapes. This was a terribly inappropriate thing to say . . . The remarks are the latest to surface in a string of controversial statements by Grayson, who said on the Alex Jones radio show that he believes Robertson, a former Enron lobbyist, is not qualified to pass judgment on intricate financial matters.”