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Monday, October 26, 2009

Republicans who oppose health care reform betray their "family values"
Posted by Jill | 6:06 AM
That Republicans hate women is no secret. Between "scarlet letter" abortion laws like the one in Oklahoma, thankfully stopped by the courts, the New Jersey Republican gubernatorial candidate calling young women with breast cancer "exceptions", and current health insurance company policies that regard rape as a pre-exisitng condition, you'd be hard-pressed to justify why the continuation of the current system is a good thing. And yet, Republicans do. Whether it's simply a matter of wanting to destroy Barack Obama for cheap political gain, or a function of their deep-seated fear and loathing of women remains to be seen. But there comes a point where their loathing of health care reform and their loathing of women hits the wall of their simultaneous Babies über Alles doctrine.

And here it is:

So at the same time as Republicans oppose the idea that women should be able to decide not to reproduce if they don't want to, it's perfectly OK for insurance companies to withhold coverage unless women are sterilized.

And this makes sense to anyone?

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