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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Around the blogroll and elsewhere: Just Another Outrage edition
Posted by Jill | 5:27 AM
Haven't done one of these in a while...

If you, like me, are staggering out of bed today because you were on a conference call to the other side of the world late last night, this little nugget from The Political Carnival will get your outrage-o-meter going: A bunch of hypocritical fetophile nutjobs are auctioning off goods to raise money for the legal defense of murderer Scott Roeder. Roeder, if you've forgotten, is the killer of women's health practitioner Dr. George Tiller. As part of Dr. Tiller's comprehensive practice, he performed late-term abortions. And where are they holding this auction? Ebay. So if you're an Ebay-er, perhaps it's time to rethink doing business with them.

At last, a Republican health care reform plan, this one via ThinkProgress: How does turning Medicare into a voucher system to buy price-gouged insurance that covers nothing sound to ya? Especially those of you Medicare recipients who were out there all summer screaming to "Get the government out of your Medicare"? Does this sound better to ya? Another question: Why on earth is ANYONE in this country even CONSIDERING voting for these people next year?

I drive forty-five minutes to work each day, and both my Treo and my laptop are tucked away in my bag every time. If I know that distractions like this while driving are dangerous, you'd think airline pilots would too.

It's Obama's cover-up now.

Jurassicpork, over at his place, asks Are They Really This Fucking Stupid?

DCap has some fascinating history of the Nazi era that gets very little attention.

And on perhaps the biggest outrage of all, Metstradamus on the World Series from Hell.


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Blogger Barry said...
>Why on earth is ANYONE in this country even CONSIDERING voting for these people next year?

Simply put, it's basically a reformulation of Churchill's famous maxim: The GOP is pretty much the worst party imaginable... except for the other one.