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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Saddam Was More Compliant With Inspectors
      Yeah, you read that right. Nearly a half dozen Texas fertilizer plants housing ammonium nitrate, the extremely combustible substance that blew up a West, Texas fertilizer plant that claimed 15 human lives and injured over 200 others have refused to be inspected and, under Texas law, or the lack of them, they have that right.
     The article goes on to state that lawmakers were "intrigued" by the total lack of cooperation that saw the State Fire Marshall literally turned away at the front door by five fertilizer plant owners.
     Saddam Hussein, in the run up to war with his country, was more forthcoming and transparent with UN weapons inspectors than these jackals who apparently think that only other fertilizer plants carrying over 5 tons of ammonium nitrate, one of the two ingredients that blew up the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, explode. Which is how and why they have no problem endangering the lives of their workers.
     Because if you own a shit warehouse in Texas, you aren't bothered by state regulations of any sort. hell, there isn't even a state fire code in Texas, the driest and most parched state in the union, if last summer's heat wave was any indication.
     And this begs the question: If the state Fire Marshal has no enforcement powers, isn't allowed to enter a facility if the owner says No and cannot even show up unannounced for inspections, then why have one on the payroll? Any compliance he gets is strictly voluntary, something I have never heard of in any state.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I believe there are federal regulations regarding possession of explosive materials.

There were laws passed in the hysteria after 9/11 that could address this problem.

Prosecution and seizure of the chemical plants for illegal possession of explosive materials would probably straighten out even the Tex-ass idiots.

Anonymous e.a.f. said...
gee, they use that stuff to blow up buildings and they don't have to be inspected. You'd think they would treat those plants as if they were weapon depots.

Only in Texas.

It is to be hoped the company is sued out of business by the victums of their "accident". Perhaps they could move the state offices into one of those plants. Like if its good enough for those who work and live around them, it ought to be good enough for the govenor and his ilk.