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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Whatchoo Talkin’ About, Willis?

Largely thanks to Oliver Willis, who likens himself as “kryptonite to stupid“, this cartoon about Mormonism has been making the rounds of the Internet as if it’s, well, the gospel truth about the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, hence an indictment on Mitt Romney for believing in it.

However, Willis, while purporting to know nothing about the church’s teachings, then goes on to say that he’d be more sympathetic of Mitt Romney and the anti-Mormon bias he’s had to endure if the right wing was more apologetic of slandering John Kerry for his Catholicism back in 2004.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, Ollie. Ever hear of the pot calling the kettle, well, black?

Now, if Mr. Willis had bothered checking the comments section of this YouTube video or had bothered to Google the title “The God Makers”, he would’ve come across this wikipedia article and a whole host of others that prove this cartoon originates with one Ed Decker, a wife-beating assclown who was so extreme that the Mormons threw his polygamous posterior out of the church (it ought to make you feel better just to know that this asshole published a book just last month).

In response, he’s written a whole slew of books (as a Born Again Christian) railing against Mormonism, including “documentaries” such as this one. It purports to tell the tale of “Mormon Jesus” and “Mormon Lucifer” and how they had a round table discussion as to how to go about enslaving the human race (Jesus won when he bought off the other council members with frosted donuts and a box o’ Joe from Dunkin’ Donuts).

The followers of Satan, avers this unimpeachable documentarian, had their skin blackened to punish them. They became the people of Africa.

The good ones who followed Mormon Jesus, got to remain white for their good sense.

This is what Decker would like to have us believe about the Book of Mormon.

Now, while I profess to be as ignorant, if not moreso than Mr. Willis regarding Mormonism, I will not merely pass along this video and blindly say that this interplanetary 1960’s DC comics/Highlander II bullshit is what Mitt Romney believes in. We’re already hearing too much about religion’s role in politics, which is the very polar opposite of what the Founding Fathers had intended. Religion alone neither proves nor disproves a candidate’s fitness to lead the country, unless he or she is so extreme about it that it does make them unsuitable (in which case, it’s an indictment on the candidate, not their religion). Mitt Romney does not strike me as a religious zealot and I should know- this guy used to be my governor. You want to smear Romney on his politics, fine. But leave his or anyone else’s religion out of it.

Consider the source and that especially goes for influential bloggers such as yourself, Mr. Willis.
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