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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Would someone please ask Bill O'Reilly about the connection between duckies, bunnies, eggs, and Jesus on the cross?
Posted by Jill | 7:59 AM
Bill O'Reilly has an angry about the "War on Easter":

After declaring victory in the War on Christmas, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly had another budding battle to discuss: the War on Easter.

O'Reilly takes wars on various holidays quite seriously. Before Christmas last year, O'Reilly invited an atheist leader onto his program, called him a fascist, and argued that Christianity is not a religion but a philosophy.

Like he described during his segments about the War on Christmas, O'Reilly said that "secular progressives" were "running wild" with Obama as president, and were trying to "diminish any kind of religion."

O'Reilly listed five public schools he said are replacing the word "Easter" with the word "Spring." The school are reportedly hosting "Spring Egg Hunts."

"I know it's stupid, you know it's stupid," O'Reilly said. He added that secular progressives were trying to marginalize Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny as an attempt to "set the stage for an entirely secular society, like they have in Scandinavia."

Conservative pundit Laura Ingraham joined O'Reilly on the segment. "I think you're onto something," she said.

Later, O'Reilly laid out his course of action if he were president and dealing with a War on Easter. "You know what I would do if I were president? I'd name the [school] districts we just named here and say 'Knock it off.' Respect Easter. Easter's a good thing. You don't have to believe in Jesus. The kids like it. It's not a spring egg. It's an Easter egg," he said.

I wonder if anyone told Bill O'Reilly that what he's doing is defending pagan symbols? Has anyone ever asked him what duckies and bunnies and eggs have to do with the crucifixion and resurrection? Does he think the risen Jesus was eating Cadbury Cream Eggs while waiting to emerge from the tomb? Or biting the ears off of hollow chocolate bunnies? Does he really want to defend a holiday the name of which is derived from that of a Germanic pagan goddess? Is he aware that the bunnies he's defending from those evil secular humanists were symbols of the pagan spring festival because they, well, fuck like bunnies and reproduce like rabbits? And that eggs are a symbol of fertility? And that what he's really defending is a pagan fertility rite? Yes, the Christians, just as they did with Christmas, decided when they ripped off the pagan Equinox festival, that the eggs and related fertility symbols really represented the resurrection of Christ. But that didn't happen until much, much later.

So what I say is Let the Pagan Symbols fly! Decorate the schools eith eggs and duckies and bunnies! Celebrate the equinox far and wide! Just don't tell Bill O'Reilly that what he's defending is a bunch of Wiccans and Druids.

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Blogger D. said...
Oh, I won't tell him. The man likes to wallow in his ignorance. But I'd bet that some movement atheist is going to point and laugh.

Blogger PurpleGirl said...
A question for Billo: Please point to Chapter and Verse, in the New Testamenr, where the bunny and eggs are talked about? Further, I th ought eggs came from chickens; now you want me to believe that somehow bunnies and eggs are connected physically?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This is why I started reading your blog back in 08,because you get to the facts of the subject.
Poor Bill, he's kinda going after the wrong target. See, we Pagans and Heathens are pushing back against the appropriation of our traditions and symbols and people are learning what they really stand for, hence Spring Eggs. My son's school started incorporating the return of the sun and the belief of the evergreen as a symbol of immortality as part of their Winter programs after I explained to a couple of his teachers about our tradition of Yule. As I see it, the secularists are just trying to get it right on what symbols belong to which group.
And Europeans already point and laugh. As most of these traditions started there, they know what they mean. The small town where I lived in Germany as a child had egg hunts and candy bunnies on Spring Equinox, and Easter was for church and the Resurrection. No conflict, no fuss.

Anonymous Syrbal/Labrys said...
Oh, come on, I'd like to watch his head implode like the hollow egg it is!

Blogger Bob said...
That ass is on to nothing. Easter is a profoundly, exclusively Christian celebration. It is also intimately linked to Passover. Christians owe the sacrament of the Eucharist to Passover. Eggs & bunnies are not "pagan" symbols; they are natural symbols. They are not culture-specific, like many of the European symbols & traditions appropriated for Christmas. I think removing religious "labels" from civic observances returns the religious meanings of those observances to those who observe them as religious expression. Bill O'Reilly is doing the opposite of what he claims to be doing.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This could add a whole new unit in the sex education in the school! I wonder if his conversation about the spring fertility celebration in the schools will be coupled with a discussion of birth control.

Blogger Ten Bears said...
Jill is right, Bob, and you are wrong. There is nothing profound, nor exclusive about "christian" celebrations. They have been appropriated from earlier, pagan, tradition.

No fear...

Anonymous Cthulhu said...
Bob, then you ain't been paying attention, because Pagans have been using those symbols for centuries before Xtians came along and mucked things up.

Easter is a profoundly, exclusively Christian celebration? Really? Because history and facts disagree.

D., go ahead and tell him. Watching his head explode would be great TV.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I commented on another site that O'Reilly must be a better Catholic than me because I can't find the connection of egg rolls and hunts to Jesus rising from the dead.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Easter and Christmas began as Pagan holidays. That being said, the majority of Pagans are progressives who care about Mother Earth and all her inhabitants - whether they be animal, vegetable, mineral or human. Unlike Christians, they are willing to share their holidays with others. Make Easter into your own little Christian holiday if you must - the rest of us know the truth. We will share.

Anonymous krissy said...
Early Christianity was a syncretic religion very influenced by Zoriastrian and Egyptian monotheism in addition to Judaism and as it moved out of the middle east it picked up all manor of Western European paganism including the goddess Easter and the Eleusinian mysteries to entice new adherents. The magi refer to zorastrian priests.

The story of Easter is about the changing of the seasons- the springtime resurrection of the sun (not son) after the god of chaos, storms and winter killed the sun god the previous fall. When the story gets odd it still maintains some interesting parallels to christianity. The sun's feminine counterpart takes sperm from his dead body and bears a child from him 9 months later, a virgin birth at christmastime.