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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

It's still about the dog
Posted by Bob | 3:24 AM

The biggest kick I got from former President Bill  Clinton's Democratic Convention speech was that I knew he would have the wingers frothing at their mouths & writhing spasmodically  for  weeks. An amazing 69% of Americans like Bill Clinton. Think of it. If you went out & randomly asked Americans if they like or dislike the former president, & kept asking, eventually the "likes" would settle down to almost seven out of every ten. Triangulation, Monica, impeachment & all. Seven out of ten. If you're a winger, that could make you crazy if you thought about it whenever you unstacked the newspapers from your door, unbolted the dozen locks & stepped outside.

The majority of Americans like President Obama. I suspect a fair majority wish he weren't president, with no clear preference as to whom they would have take his  place. This whole "likability" thing utterly baffles the hard right wing, which comprises most of that other 31% who don't like Bill Clinton. They don't understand why Mitt can't make this election about Barack Obama. Obama is, after all, the incumbent with the nearly four year record as president. He's also a Kenyan, socialist, secret Muslim, & he's in the Oval Office! But even they don't like Mitt Romney. Mitt became the nominee by beating Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, six of the most unlikable humans on Earth, not to mention non-entities like Jon Huntsman, Tim Pawlenty & Buddy Roemer. Roemer's the only likable one in the bunch, & he may still be running.

The Repugs are confused. How could Obama not be beaten this year? By any bozo holding a cross in one hand & waving an American flag with the other?

I've  been saying all along the major flaw in Mitt isn't his positions, awful as they are,  or his right wing ass-kissing flip-flopping getting to those positions, disgraceful as that was to see,  but Mitt himself. It really was & is about the dog on the car roof.  All the statements & remarks Mitt has made in public & (he thought) private have confirmed  he isn't at all like you & me. He isn't even like other celebrity rich guys admirable or detestable. He's a total dickhead. The dog on the roof story, which Mitt himself told as a "humorous" story in his autobiography to seem like a regular guy driving his family on vacation, summed it all up. Would you put your dog in a cage on the car roof?  Mitt did for 12 hours. You know what that would say about you or me, about our character. We would disown any friend who did that.  So why would anyone vote for a guy who does that? Why would anyone  entrust the United States of America to guy who does that? That's what baffles me. A man who cruelly mistreats his dog & knows it is a man not to be trusted.  A man who mistreats his dog & doesn't even understand he's doing it is a sociopath.

Not only isn't Mitt Romney like you & me, he never was. He doesn't know who we are  in even the most generic sense as people inhabiting the same plane of existence.  For Mitt, we are entirely hypothetical critters.  We're his fellow Americans, the people he "cares" about just like he cared about his poor dog, who  was "member of the family." Saying it don't make it so. It's about the dog, Mitt.

Every year my family crammed our belongings  into a mid-sized four door car,  then stuffed ourselves in, two adults, four kids, a small high strung dog named Susie. & we drove three hours to South Jersey for a week long vacation.  Susie rode wherever she wanted, except on Dad the driver's lap, although occasionally as a goof he'd let Susie stick her nose out his window too. By the end of the journey, Susie, even with her rest stops, would  look a bit peaked, like the rest of us.  If she had ever  thrown up car sick on one of us, that would just be the poor luck of the draw. Susie was family. Dogs don't like to be alone.

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Anonymous Just Suze said...
My family always camped when I was a child. Tents and duffel bags were strapped to the roof. The dog rode with us in the back seat.

Strapping a dog on the roof for a 12 hour drive shows the character (or lack thereof) of this man, as does the hair-cutting incident, and the walking of a blind teacher into a closed door.

I cannot stomach the thought of this heartless, cruel, piece of crap bastard being President.

Anonymous Mark said...
There is no doubt that you can tell a lot about a man by how he treats his dog. In fact, you can tell pretty much all you need to know about him.