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Friday, March 09, 2012

The Real Republican Attitude Toward the Military

Personally, I don't know why someone just doesn't tell this arrogant blimp to shut the fuck up. It's fucking New Jersey, for crissakes. You telling me the state that gave us the Jersey mob and Snooki can't muster one person who's willing to tell Christie to go fuck himself and the helicopter he rode in on?

Not too long ago, Christie got into a shouting match with an Ex-Navy SEAL who protested Christie's plan to merge Rutgers with Rowan. William Brown, a Democrat who'd unsuccessfully run for office in a heavily GOP district, was arguing that Rutgers would lose its name in the merger and make educational opportunities for nontraditional students more difficult to obtain.

At one point, when Gov. Hindenberg realized he wasn't making any headway with Brown, then ordered the NJ state police to kick him out then cravenly said only as he was being escorted out, "Let me tell you something after you graduate from law school, you conduct yourself like that in a courtroom, your rear end is going to be thrown in jail, idiot."

"Idiot." Brown served for three tours in Iraq and is now trying to better himself by putting himself through law school. As a former SEAL myself, even I cannot say I spent as much time in that hellhole. Not even close. We can only imagine what he saw there and how much it must have shaped and altered his character.

And this is the Republican attitude toward the military in a nutshell. We fight their wars for them but they refuse to go to our funerals and visit us in the hospital only in the interests of photo ops. They have no problem deploying us where we don't belong and make us do things we couldn't imagine in our worst nightmares while cutting our pay, benefits and keeping their own kids out of harm's way. We're window dressing for them. And the minute we begin questioning their questionable judgment, the real Republican comes out and you see just how much they really support us.

Chris Christie is so loathsome an entity in so many ways and on so many levels that I cannot even write coherently about him lest I put gouge marks in all my keyboard keys and incinerate my monitor. So I can only refer to him in the abstract and to try to see the larger picture.

And it is this: This is the real attitude of the GOP toward the military and everyone else who disagrees with them. Your service to your country means nothing and your opinion means nothing. They do not respect nor support the military any more than they want the state to help support the less fortunate.

And despite the fact the GOP as a whole is going down in flames on a municipal, state and federal level, they cannot cease revealing what they truly are and they will snarl, snap and spit even as they go down for the count. Republicans are psycho scum and cannot change any more than the proverbial scorpion.
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