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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

"I Don’t Even Consider Myself Wealthy."

Republicans and the women, beyond all earthly comprehension, who love them, just can't help it. Even when answering charges that her husband Willard is hopelessly and eternally out of touch with the common man, Anne Romney's attempts to spin that very accurate perception just makes the spinning buzzsaw accelerate in the same direction.

On Fox "News" recently, Anne Romney, a woman who was described by Willard in Detroit as driving two Cadillacs, said, "I don’t even consider myself wealthy." While there may be something on a bumper sticker level of true wealth actually being composed of something closer to actual friends or goodness of character, Anne Romney's attempts to redefine wealth, a word for which she and Willard have only real definition (more closely resembling a portfolio than a little black book) ring as false and hollow as Rush Limbaugh's "apology" to Sandra Fluke.

Indeed, the slightly less insectoid Callista Gingrich's attempts to equate wealth with her alleged sympathy or empathy for other sufferers of multiple sclerosis (from which Anne Romney suffers) and other diseases while somehow trying to redefine wealth is a pathetic attempt to shift the focus of just how out of touch are the Romneys and other families worth a quarter of a billion dollars or more. Whether or not she intended to, all Anne Romney did was foster and further the perception that "A quarter of a billion dollars simply isn't enough" and that no amount of stock dividends or tax breaks ever will be enough.
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