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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Choo Talkin' About, Willard?

Watching Willard Romney's inevitable tanking in the polls and the GOP and Independent base's refusal to accept him no matter how much the MSM and Paul Singer try to fluff him up is like watching the last reel of Westworld. In that movie, a futuristic amusement park turns into a killing ground when the robots working there get a few wires crossed and begin slaughtering the guests.

And Willard's desperate lashing out and trying to establish conservative bona fides among an electorate hungering for red meat makes him the Yul Brynner of the 2012 GOP campaigns. As Santorum creeps from the rear and washes across America Romney's getting more and more desperate to prove that, Yes, by God, I can paint the walls with my fecal matter as good as my rivals. I'm a regular fucking Picasso! Look, people, I can paint a hammer and sickle!

There was a time when Willard had one thing going for him: He may have had all the charm of a leatheroid attache case but at least he didn't sound bugfuck insane and he could saturninely look down on the insanity going on below him like some polymer-based version of Obama.

Now he's putting on Yul's Magnificent Seven costume and taking potshots at the 9th Circuit's ruling that Prop H8 was unconstitutional. Ping! He's now wading hip-deep into the imaginary placental matter of the abortion battleground that's suddenly defined the GOP's entire platform. Bang, bang! "Yes, I will put Social Security on the craps tables of Wall Street and essentially privatize Medicare (which is what he did to MassHealth here in Massachusetts)."

And the very poor can go fuck themselves since safety nets and entitlement programs like the welfare state I want to abolish is taking care of them quite nicely. And the rich? They don't need any help. I still don't think they pay too little in taxes but we don't have to worry about them, any more, despite the fact that my own tax plan would make them even wealthier.

Now, despite the MSM's prognostication that, Well, Romney's still a shoo-in in his native Michigan is getting shot down in the crossfire, too, since recent polls prove that Richard "Benjamin" Santorum's headed him off at that pass, too.

And when you've lost Red States's Erick Erickson, a man who permanently has red meat between his teeth and has painted entire murals with his own fecal matter, then you have a problem.

The problem is not that Romney is too liberal for conservatives or too hard right for Independents. Low information voters still like consistency and Romney now looks like a soldier trying to drill on LSD, reversing himself and going around in circles.
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Anonymous John said...
Can't find anything about the LSD experiment & 60/70's @ raiford state penitentiary, Florida.

I was there 2 yrs. [on 4] for 1 sleeping pill, and heard a lot about the program from happy inmates, those was never invited 'cause my record held me an " LSD Terrorist" for useing the drug on the streets of PBC, Fl.
Curiously, no word about the strike , called riot by officals that wounded and disappeared several men.
Thank god's I never went back......

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Romney has never had to deal with "reality."

He does not understand that if you argue with idiots they will pull you down to their level. Then they will beat your brains out with really stupid arguments that their gang accepts.

Mitt is getting a little dose of "reality."

He must be lying awake at night wondering how he, Mr Silver Spoon, is losing to the Republican version of trailer trash.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
In the 1971 movie, Willard, soon after the Ernest Borgnine character dies, the rats turn on Willard. Can't wait for the final reel!