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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Pottersville Flea Circus

Step right up and see what the intellectual flea circus of the right wing has for us today.

El Rushbo is attacking the First Lady again, this time for buying Lysol at a Target. Sure, it's suspicious that an AP photographer would just happen to be there at the same time as the First Lady but "coincidental" photo ops is part of politics. You know, sort of like when Laura Bush commandeered a Red Cross aid station that was trying to update its website to tell Katrina victims where to go for help, an aid station that Bush's Secret Service goons took over for a full eight hours so that the First Zombie could hand out one fucking loaf of bread.

You know, Rush, for a white racist, you sure are spending a lot of time thinking and talking about "Mooch-elle". I think someone's in lo-ooove!

Obama essentially assassinating Anwar al-Awlaki without due process certainly deserves to be condemned but why is it up to, of all people, Dick Cheney to stick up for American principles and due process of law? Cheney's doing a great impression of the pot calling the kettle black because authorizing the torture of people who hadn't received due legal process is certainly on a higher moral plane.

Dick, put aside your moral relativism, go count your book royalties then kindly go fuck yourself in a quiet, dark corner, you deflated twat.

Half the NYPD recently arrested, along with 700 other people in the Occupy Wall Street movement, what appears to be a 13 year-old girl on the Brooklyn Bridge, although it's impossible to see why the child was being arrested (Gee, guys, maybe you should call in some backup from Jersey). Maybe it was because the youth was on the walkway of the bridge where the NYPD had herded people only to arrest them for walking on it.

At this arrest rate, all the jail and prison space will be exhausted, meaning that by Halloween, Escape From New York could become a reality series. And here's a thought: People in Egypt sent pizzas to protesters in Madison last winter: How come we don't send pizzas to the Wall Street Occupiers? Just a thought...

Herman Cain's laser focus is on the most pressing issues of the day, such as "freshening up 'Hail to the Chief'", to which he would include some gospel beats. Cain's reasoning is that companies update their marketing from time to time to keep from getting stale. It would be easy to assume that Cain in his addled mind has downgraded the entrance of the President to a mere marketing gimmick.

It would also be just as easy to suggest that, rather than additional gospel beats, "when" Cain gets elected "Hail to the Chief" should be played on kazoos and a calliope.

Why do we still listen to racist video editor Andrew Breitbart?

Last night, Breitbart put in an appearance at TeaCon and told the 15 or 20 in attendance that Nancy Pelosi was "a bitch", Janeane Garofalo was a "sympathy fuck" and, oh, "Fuck you" to unions. Naturally, the dozen or two in attendance uproariously cheered over this crude simulacrum of humor and wit without realizing that about three years ago, Ted Nugent achieved notoriety for saying essentially the same thing about Nancy Pelosi and others.

So, not only was Breitbart's rant needlessly vicious, sloppy and career-tarnishing, it wasn't even original. Way to go, Tubby, keep it classy.
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