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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Around the Blogroll and Elsewhere: All Aboard for Crazytown edition
Posted by Jill | 9:22 PM
I'm starting to be sorry I stopped subscribing to Esquire, a magazine I'd been reading literally since I was a child of about eight. (When you grow up in a household that has notepads featuring a Jules Feiffer Herb Gardner* cartoon of a guy sitting at a desk with a plaque reading "I am so smart I make myself sick", you do things like that when you're eight. You are also addicted to The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits and you have no idea yet that what you are is a Geek, but that's besides the point.) Because we're opening today with the joyful news of Charles Pierce's new political blog at Esquire, to which we're going to link as soon as we're done with this post...which is kind of an Around the Blogroll, a Big Blue Smurf post, and a Blogrolling in our time post.

I was going to link to this one, but what the hell. Just go pick one. Any one. They aer positively Driftglassian in their awesomeness.

And speaking of the Driftman, who has a lovely new banner image over at his place, when you put Drifty and Hunter S. Thompson together, you get some damn fine readin'.

Blue Girl and I were thinking sort of along the same lines today.

Bustednuckles has a new job and is off to a very strange start.

Batocchio celebrates Banned Books Week.

Andy Ostroy thinks Chris Christie, or as he's affectionately called in New Jersey, "Christie Kreem", is going to throw his hat in the ring.

OMG, I'd never get a lick of work done.

Ramona: Yes, kids, there really IS still a religious test in American politics.

G'night, all!

*Thanks to The New York Crank for the correction. It's always fun when others are familiar with my obscure childhood pop culture references. The image I was talking about is available on eBay in coaster form, here.


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Blogger New York Crank said...
>>...notepads featuring a Jules Feiffer cartoon of a guy sitting at a desk with a plaque reading "I am so smart I make myself sick"...<<

Please understand, I'm a big fan of your stuff, but unless Feiffer was guilty of plagiarism, he was not the author of that cartoon, and the drawing was not even quite his style.

The real cartoonist was the late Herb Gardner, cartoonist, playwright and author ("A Thousand Clowns," for example). While attending Antioch college back in the 1950s, Gardner drew cartoons for the student newspaper, The Antioch College Record. The "I'm so smart" cartoon was said to be of Louis Filler, a Professor of American Civilization.

I particularly treasure this takeoff on Filler, because, some years after the cartoon was published, Filler gave me a C in a ten credit course. The S.O.B.

BTW, the cartoons were later published on cocktail napkins and sold as "The Nebbishes." Another famous one of Herb's: "Next week, George, we've got to get organized."

Yours very, very crankily,
The New York Crank

Blogger driftglass said...
Many thanks for the love, ma'am/