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Thursday, April 14, 2011

All the Outrage You Can Eat
Posted by Jill | 7:23 PM
In case you haven't had your fill of Republican horseshit today....

At ThinkProgress, read how during the Bush years, the current leaders of the House GOP voted 19 times in favor of increasing the debt limit -- to the tune of $4 trillion. But let a black Democrat be elected, and suddenly it's OK to risk global economic collapse just to score cheap political points with a bunch of uneducated mouth-breathers.

And speaking of uneducated mouth breathers (you know, the guys with emphysema and cirrhosis of the liver whose spouses have cancer from working in toxic factories, who are diabetic and have macular degeneration and need knee replacements), when the Tea Party revolution reaches fruition, they're going to be the first casualties.

Lindsey Graham is playing "Mine's Bigger" with Paul Ryan by demanding that Social Security be cut too!

New Jersey governor, thug, and mainstream media mancrush Chris Christie advocates taking a bat to 76-year-old state Senator Loretta Weinberg.

Alan Simpson is still an asshole, but he smacked around Rick "Man On Dog" Santorum (who thinks he can become president and force women to make lots of babies to pay Social Security taxes) pretty good this week.

And you morons couldn't see this last November? Sheesh.

I think Matt Taibbi has been attending the Driftglass school of Refined Rantin'.

Never believe a guy who promises it'll be different this time, baby.

OK, now my head really exploded.

Enough of that.

Fortunately, it's Thursday night, so I can put my cranium back together with the one thing that always restores my sanity. Bassets.

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