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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hallowed Ground
Posted by Melina | 12:15 PM

The History Eraser: "Hallowed Ground," is a collection of photos of places that are the same distance from Ground Zero. A big h/t to my friend Paul Hecht who posted this on his fb along with a note that at the place where Jesus carried the cross you can buy a Coca Cola and a T-shirt....so, really, what were we protecting the site from?

Besides that I think that this is a totally racist, over-hyped, right-wing media issue, I think that we all need to look at the quick downward slide of our culture as we cling to the ghosts of the dead, far outnumbered by those who have given their lives for what?...to avenge them? To make us safer? If we wanted to make ourselves safer, we would look at all organized religions and organizations in the world and understand that to assign the characteristics of a fringe element to millions of people might be a bit off the mark. On top of that, it wont work in any real way what with our laws and constitution. So lets work with what we can do, and try to get our own shit in order before we go all knee jerk on something that is probably the safest example of Muslim practice in the world right now. What we need to worry about is not the mosque/community center right in the middle of everything, but the secret group meeting in a basement somewhere. The rest of this is like the negative commenter here, who rails on about how terrible the Muslim religion is, but then laments that the neighborhood has devolved into what amounts to a tourist trap. All neighborhoods change over time and to assume that lower Manhattan wouldn't in light of what happened and the draw of tourists to the spot, is a little off, In my opinion.

We will never be safe without intelligence in all senses of the word.
Inform yourself, read all scriptures that influence large numbers of people, and support the intelligence gathering portions of our government.

It may feel good in the moment to be a cowboy, but as our cowboy-in-chief showed us in graphic detail, it doesn't pay in the end.

Wake up! It's morning!

RIP Coco...you cant get there from here...working on it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
...but then laments that the neighborhood has devolved into what amounts to a tourist trap....

Observation about NYC and Manhattan, any neighborhood can and will have a tourist aspect. It can't be helped because tourists want to see locals they hear about. It has always been thus and will always be.


Blogger ellwort said...
Relative relevance - something uttered elsewhere:

“Mosque”? “Holy ground”?
Then how come self-styled Christians countenance the attachment of the “old” Hebrew testament to the “new” Christ’s-words testament? In churches! Some say Jews killed Jesus – apparently some never read much past (stone-adultresses-to-death) Leviticus – in the Hebrew testament – before skipping to the gospels’ calgary narratives.