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Saturday, August 21, 2010

And they wonder where Americans get the idea that Barack Obama is a Muslim?
Posted by Jill | 12:46 PM
How about this, for example:

"That's what he says he has done." Note how Franklin Graham, who oughtn't to be regarded as an authority on ANYTHING, qualifies Obama's Christianity (and why does he even have to be a Christian) as "he says", implying "He could be lying."

Lost in the Pew Research poll that proves conclusively that Americans are incurious, willfully ignorant, bigoted, narrow-minded, xenophobic morons, is where these incurious, willfully ignorant, bigoted, narrow-minded, xenophobic morons got the idea in the first place:
Six in 10 of those saying Obama is a Muslim said they got the information from the media, with the largest portion — 16 percent — saying it was on television. Eleven percent said they learned it from Obama's behavior and words.

And every time John King gets up there to talk about the "confusion" over Barack Obama's religion, the lie gets out there again and again and again. And all it has to do is get out there to be taken seriously. The idea that the Bush Administration was behind the 9/11 attacks remained on the fringe because the media left it there. But let a black guy with a funny name get elected, and suddenly speculation based on nothing but people who want to use the word "Muslim" becuase it's not acceptable to call him a "N-----" becomes something to be discussed endlessly on cable news.

And a lie it is. It is not "confusing." It is not "misinformation". It is not a "controversy." It is not "speculation." It is not "Some say..." It is a LIE. That nice one-syllable word that even an incurious, willfully ignorant, bigoted, narrow-minded, xenophobic moron can understand.

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Blogger D. said...

Blogger Raksha said...
You said it! A LIE...nothing "confusing about that!

Blogger Melina said...
One person's "confusion" is another's stupidity. But really the problem at the root of this problem is a strong campaign to dumb down our education system so that the masses dont know how to think, question and reason for themselves. The media is a huge part of this problem but they are speaking to a generation of Americans who are conditioned to absorb what they are given without question.
On top of that, Im starting to think that bad diet, poisoned food and environmental poison have been effecting how people's brains work in this country. Mix that up with an education system that provides a bare minimum and youve got an avalanche of sheep.

its sad, and now there is money and time going into a publicity campaign to try to prove something that our constitution states shouldn't have to be proven.

even if he were a Muslim by birth, wouldn't most christian religions welcome him with open arms? he seems to be a christian...for all I know about organized religion....he seems to lean towards Christ.

What a load of crap.
This is conspiracy theory brought into the mainstream by fringe groups who are diverting attention from the real issues in this country.

Its scary.

Blogger Nan said...
The big problem is that no one wants to call a lie a lie -- and it's been going for years. Some tool gets interviewed, says something that is absolutely jaw-droppingly not true, and the talking head (John King, Wolf Blitzer, whoever) has to know it's not true, but they just let it slide. When someone speaks up and says it's a lie, the counter is always "Well, that's your opinion."

I do kind of wonder how all the members of United Church of Christ congregations feel about having their denomination labeled as "not Christian," which is what I've seen and read in some discussions -- it's like the reasoning is A. Obama was a member; B. Obama is a Muslim; C. UCC must be Muslim, too.

Blogger Distributorcap said...
the american media - always there when you need them to gin up ratings and sell a whole bunch of GM cars