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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today Cenk Uygur, tomorrow Sam Seder
Posted by Jill | 9:33 PM
Well, well, well...look who was subbing on the Ed Schultz show:

Now, I've never been a big Young Turks fan, and the extent of my familiarity with Cenk Uygur was him strutting around Yearly Kos 2007 with the other Big Boiz of Blogging. But I have to admit to feeling thrilled at seeing another veteran of progressive talk radio get some TeeVee exposure. More importantly, Cenk takes on that sleazy weasel Chris Van Hollen after NAILING the Social Security lie. As Gaius Publius notes, Van Hollen talks about opposing benefit cuts, but he doesn't say a thing about raising the age to the ridiculous levels adovcated by John Boehner. At a time when people over 50 constitute a large proportion of the "99-ers", deemed unhirable because of myths about our inability to learn and our health care expenses, I have to wonder at what jobs these corporate whores and bankster fellators expect us to work.

Good on Cenk here. More like this, please.

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