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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good Morning Geniuses: The Collected Verse of Marc Maron
Posted by Jill | 8:47 AM
Someday I'm going to do with the tweets of Marc Maron what Hart Seely and Tom Peyer did with Phil Rizzuto: Compile a book and call it "Good Morning Geniuses: The Collected Verse of Marc Maron".

But for now, a sample:

On a plane in the air.
I always think clearer flying.
I am hurling through the air yet I have coffee.

Birthers and Deathers
shut the fuck up.
We need to stop the isolationist christian retard parade.
We look silly to the grown up countries.

Garage jam across the way.
Half hour of Sabbath's Paranoid.
Twenty minute Back In Black.
The hills are alive with weekend warrior rock gods.

I watched E! for two hours last night
and I felt like my brain
was being ass raped by clowns.

Has TEN years sober TODAY.
The great thing about sobriety
is how clearly you can see your disappointment.

My 10 yr sober anniversary, the 9th.
Also anniversaries of the Manson murders
and the dropping of 'Big Boy' on NAGASAKI.
What does it mean?
OK. It wasn't Big Boy it was Fat Man.
All I know is I will be sober ten years on the ninth,
Nagasaki happened, Manson happened,
fuck me.

With too much free time
eating becomes a reward system
for very small accomplishments.
For writing that sentence
I will have a half a melon.

Just had a bowl of cereal with hemp milk
and I'm not high at all.
How do they make hemp milk?
Something doesn't seem right about it.


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Blogger Melina said...
I got these as tweets, and though I find these status updates tiresome in most people, I think that this may be the 21st century cocktail napkin for Maron....This will make an excellent section in the book (which I hope to god he is working on for the opening of his one man off-bdway show!...you listening maron?...may have to lock him up somewhere so he writes the book!)
Anyways, It works better for me all together as a gathered work...a grouping of haiku's.

The problem with twitter for me is that if its someone who goes to my phone, and I keep them few and far between, I can be anywhere and in any mood...so sometimes I'm like, "yeah, yeah, its all about your every thought...fuck off" and sometimes I'm like, "hmmmm, interesting thought...thats good ...I'll have to think about that for a while"
I hate feeling at the mercy of other's tweets, y'know?...and I unfollow quite a few people these days because it gets in the way of my real text mail, which is more interesting to me...I want stuff like this, real news and personal texts...if someone is telling me what they're cooking for dinner I'm less interested in getting that on my phone!...maybe when the Pre comes out on Verizon and I have actual apps! Im crippled by this archaic treo!

But...Jill...am I to think that you are actually ON THE TWITTER NOW? I must go and search you out immediately as should all of your many fans!! and I am cocosandy on there (trying to change that but I did it wrong and keep getting too busy to update my tech settings)

Im thinking that Twitter can be useful if its just a group of close friends rather than this idea of getting as many followers as you can, or worse, following everyone you can. Who cares about that unless you're selling something? I try to only follow people who I'm really interested in and who have something to tell me. Thats why I hardly tweet myself..Im trying to figure out how to focus it.
I think that there will be personal and commercial twitter in the future. Just like Aravosis is trying to move people who he is not actual friends with to a "fan" page on fb...too fucking late...by the time we feel like we're really your friend it seems odd to say "go and be my fan" unless there is a prize over there!
He doesnt want to have over 2000 friends, as if 1500 looks better somehow...its less shallow?