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Friday, August 14, 2009

Posted by Jill | 9:36 PM
I've reached the acceptance stage that MSNBC is not going to bring the late and lamented Break Room Live to the 10 PM slot. But I would be consoled if they give this guy a show. Because unlike Tweety, Lawrence O'Donnell has been on fire, not hesitating to call a lie a lie, instead of a "false rumor":

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Blogger Melina said...
Ad to that that Rachel Maddow is booked for Meet the Press on Sunday and I see a tipping point coming sooner rather than later.
Why is the fringe right getting such a platform? they got it during Bush and now...I just cant imagine how this guy even has anything useful to say.
One thing is for sure: this is how you have to interview these people.

Blogger libhom said...
I would prefer Sam Seder, Laura Flanders, or Thom Hartmann myself. But, I have no interest in watching a Phonycrat like tweety.