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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why the hell did it take him a week to say this?
Posted by Jill | 9:32 PM
Why did it take Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow talking about this ALL FUCKING WEEK before this guy finally found his nutsack?

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Blogger Rhode Island Rules said...
I have to believe that it is part of a greater strategy. He first uses surrogates to pass his message while letting the Republican and corporate opponents overplay their hand and show how they manipulate the uneducated and the corporate media. Then, when we despair of the correct message getting through he appears and starts calling out sitting Congress critters for their bald faced lies! Shit! When has a sitting President ever done that? Obama is doing what the press should be doing. Comparing these lying sacks of shit statements to what they approved of or voted in favor of before and now disapprove of apparently.

Anonymous tata said...
I could just...scream...

Anonymous Ted said...
Putting a 2-1/2 minute clip on YouTube ain't going to do it! The thing needs to run every 15 minutes on the same cable programs giving the "deathers" [and "birthers" for that matter] time. What we really need are several-100 people repeating it continuously the same as the other side does.

Actually, who really needs to grow a pair and who should be saying this are the Congresscritters.... But we know how likely that is!!!!

And to Rhode Island: Unless we're going to ascribe Rahm with some magic political intelligence approaching that of Mr Rove, this isn't any strategy on their part. He might be nasty, but he's not that smart! Too much evidence to the contrary..

Anonymous Comrade Rutherford said...
Because Obama is a right-of-center Republican pretending to be a Democrat but is under the direct control of the GOP.

Why else have the Democrats refused to fight back against the easily dispelled GOP lies for the last 30 years?

The entire Democratic 'Leadership' are all under the control of the GOP, there simply is no other explanation for how the Dems have behaved for all these years.