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Friday, August 14, 2009

Is this why Eric Holder is reluctant to prosecute Bush Administration officials?
Posted by Jill | 6:17 AM
It seems that Attorney General Eric Holder may be yet another manifestation of Obama-style "bipartisanship" that favors Republicans above all others.

From Legal Schnauzer:
So far, Holder has intervened in federal prosecutions involving Republicans, most notably the case of former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK).

Why does Holder seem content to let the Siegelman and Minor cases languish? Alabama attorney and Siegelman-case whistleblower Jill Simpson says she might have the answer.

Simpson, a former opposition researcher for the Republican Party in Alabama, is skilled at tracking down information. She learned that Holder, before being named Barack Obama's attorney general, worked for a Washington, D.C., law firm called Covington & Burling. And what did Simpson discover about that august firm?

The tip I got was that the firm had a very important client. His name was George W Bush. And they represented a very important organization . . . called the Republican National Committee. I was in shock when I checked it--and it was true.

My favorite research item I ran across is when they were protecting the RNC from having to turn over Karl Rove's e-mails that were run on the RNC servers. It shocked me. Plus I found it mighty interesting that AG Eric Holder never enlightened anyone about his conflicts of coming from a big Washington, D.C., law firm that represented the National Republic Committee and George W. Bush in the 2000 election contest.

Simpson notes that Holder's favorable treatment of Republicans hardly stops with the Stevens case. She lists the Tobin phone-jamming case in New Hampshire, the Kott case in Alaska, and the Abramoff/Feeney case in Florida as examples of the Holder DOJ killing GOPers with kindness. What does Simpson make of it?

It has long been reported that the expenses in those cases were picked up by the RNC. That same RNC paid AG Holder's law firm, and that law firm paid AG Holder more than $2 million last year.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
What is really irritating me is that the smiling asshole actually thought that he could keep it under cover. One thing I will compliment the blogs on, I sure don't remember anyone from MSM mentioning it before.

How many more of these shysters has Obama put in power. Clown town is really getting up my none.

Blogger Bob said...
Possinly Eric Holder was selected AG in part because he worked for that law firm.

Blogger Serr8d said...
Ahhh, poor lil' blogger Jill, finding out that things are not as straightjacket as they seem. There's just not enough purity in the world for you, is there, lil' Jill? Just not enough high-mindedness, enough devotion to the cause?

Get used to it. Whether or not you can believe it, your O!ne! is just a small man. Nothing more; and a lot less than what you hope for.

Blogger RodDLitigator said...
Regarding the surreal expansion of immunity form accountability for malfeasance and tort, I note that in 1995 I argued and won in the U.S. Supreme Court, Martinez v. Lamagno and DEA, 515 U.S. 417 (1995), where DOJ under Holder surreally argued that a DEA agent outside of the US was not negligent for causing a car accident while driving drunk and having sex.

Because of the evidence of malfeasance of the Federal Judicial Branch conspiring within criminal collusion with Beltway Lobbyist/Attorneys and government attorneys (i.e. Eric Holder) to obstruct my rights as a father I have filed Federal Criminal Complaints under RICO in Virginia, D.C., Colorado, NY, and Pennsylvania ( http://home.earthlink.net/~malfeasance/ and http://home.earthlink.net/~treason/ ). I note that since November 2008, I advised the Obama White House of the criminal malfeasance of Holder, as the bases of my opposing his nomination and appoint as Attorney General.