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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Norm Coleman Finally Concedes....Finally!! Congratulations Senator Franken!
Posted by Melina | 4:20 PM
And congratulations to all of us for the majority and for the end of this circle jerk. Of course, Coleman felt like he had to do this for the people...just like my own Joementum Lieberman! Sometimes the people don't want your idea of justice!

c/p RIP Coco

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Anonymous invisible said...
I used to like Al until I discovered that he approves of the genocide of Palestinians.

Norm, Al...? What's the diff?

(Hello delete button.)

Blogger DBK said...
Don't be so hard on Norm. He lost by about 300 votes out of 1.5 million, so the recount was automatically required by law. The lawsuit raised some legitimate questions, so that was entirely reasonable. The appeal to the state supreme court was the work of easterners and GOP lawyers. I get the feeling Norm would have conceded earlier, what with his other legal troubles, but the GOP kind of pushed him around. He's not unpopular out here by any means. I don't agree with him politically, but I wouldn't beat up on him. Maybe that's something you people back in New Jersey would do, but it isn't very Minnesotan.