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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Insert your own snark here
Posted by Jill | 12:20 PM
They're dropping like flies....I'm sorry the man is dead, but I was tired of getting yelled at by a commercial pitchman all the time:
Tampa police say Billy Mays, the television pitchman known for his boisterous hawking of products such as Orange Glo and OxiClean, has died. He was 50.

Authorities say Mays was pronounced dead Sunday morning after being found by his wife at home. There were no signs of a break-in, and investigators do not suspect foul play. The coroner's office expects to have an autopsy done by Monday afternoon.

Mays' wife, Deborah Mays, says the family doesn't expect to make any public statements and asked for privacy.

If there's an afterlife, I hope the TVs have fast-forward through the commercials.

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Blogger Bob said...
The reason for Mays' huge success eluded me when he hustled products other than the Oxy clean line. The air horn voice didn't communicate commitment & sincerity, unlike, say, Ed McMahon, who had the agreeable personality of a good bartender. But then, I'm puzzled by GemTV - jewelry porn - where it takes the host 2 minutes to unload 10 hideous rings at $1000 each, & they they do it over & over, people spending astonishing amounts of money with only the most minimal sales pitch.

Blogger Melina said...
from what I can see, and why he didnt register with me because I flipped past him, is that he was like Crazy Eddie "INSANEEE"...just hawking and hawking a product that he was seemingly very into.
The thing is that the technology of that product worked and was adopted by all the major brands...and he had a piece, as far as Ive heard. he was moving more mainstream...and he was considered to be very smart and a nice guy...
I really didn't know who he was, which is unusual for me.
He died of horrible heart disease...his heart was double the size it shoulda been. How could he be going in for a hip replacement and no one saw that? Its pretty tragic...in a few days they would have run a ton of tests and found it!

Oh, and my mom is addicted to QVC jewelry shopping...so boring and horrible. She talks about the hosts as if they are her friends.
Its like a soap opera with no story line...
at least if there is a formula to a product that someone invented you can tell a bit of information.