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Monday, June 29, 2009

But...But...But...it's a LIBERAL media!
Rudy Giuliani was on Morning Joe this morning to talk about Marc Sanford’s affair. It is safe to say that no journalism took place on that set this morning, because from the get-go Rudy turned the topic to another famous politician who was caught in an affair. “Let’s look at Bill Clinton,” said Rudy.

And Mika, seeming slightly more over-medicated than usual responded brilliantly…She said “yeah.”

Had it been me, I would have said “All due respect, but lets look at you, Mr. Mayor.”

But it was Mika. So she just said “Yeah.”

All through the interview Giuliani kept holding the door open, inviting them to raise the issue of his own infidelity - an affair that led him to put New York City’s terrorist response center in the World Trade Center - the site of a previous attack by international terrorists - because that location facilitated him sneaking off for nooners with his mistress - who by the way got a security detail on the city's dime.

This conveniently never came up when they were talking a bout the important issue being whether or nor public money was used by Marc Sanford in conducting his affair.

And yes, this would be the same Mika Brzezinski who claims that there is a double standard when politicians have affairs…and it favors Democrats. Because in her world, apparently, Bill Clinton and Elliot Spitzer paid no penalty for their indiscretions while David Vitter and John Ensign have been forced to resign from office. Or something.


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Blogger Bob said...
We all knew about Bill Clinton when we elected him, & hoped he'd keep it zipped. But we never thought Bill was in love with his babes, & neither did Hillary. He was pure philanderer. Repugs think its Ok to cheat on their wives if they then divorce their wives & marry their mistresses & go on preaching Sanctity of MArriage. Makes it all OK. If they're totally outrageous, like Newt & McCain, they change church denomination, too. Wipes the slate clean.

Blogger D. said...
This is, of course, Good Old American Historical Amnesia in action.

And since the media hiring filter is set to "pretty face" rather than "brains," this state of affairs will continue.

Blogger Melina said...
This is why I don't watch Morning Joe anymore. It infuriates me and his lack of real knowledge about anything is astounding (didn't Mika's father comment on that at one point?)
They had Rudy on to talk about THIS?? and no one asked him about his own experiences??
Oh my God!!

And you, in Germany, watching JoeScar!
You are the hardest working blog mistress in showbiz!!