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Friday, December 14, 2012

In the Love Of the Common People
Posted by Tata | 12:38 PM
Barbara Walters' most fascinating people list made a friend so angry she demanded I get on a train and go kick Babs' butt or at least take a job at ABC News. This demand came as a surprise to me, since I hadn't imagined applying for either job, but I could see her point: Ms. Walters fell for the oldest of old soaps. Most people on that list are selling things, not doing them. This has been a bad year for bad behavior by unattractive and uninteresting bad men.

I made a list and in no particular order:

Sandra Fluke Remained dignified in the face of Rush Limbaugh's assault and Darrell Issa's snub.

Gabrielle Douglass The first black person, male or female, to win the Olympic All-Around gold medal in gymnastics.

Alex Guarnaschelli By far, the most interesting chef on TV this year.

Hillary Clinton I've never been a Hillary fan, but this year, she has been intriguing to watch.

Maxine Waters Three words: press conference diva.

Malala Yousafzai Give this brave girl an education.

Nancy Pelosi About half the time, the most trustworthy person in the federal government.

Elizabeth Warren We'll see how things play out in a year, but her election, defeating Scott Brown, was worth every anxious moment.

Anita Sarkeesian Brave!

Anne Hathaway This week, she flattened Matt Lauer in a way he has deserved for decades.

We had two interesting people in common. Who interests you?

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Blogger Ahab said...
I like your list! These are fascinating people with real achievements.

Blogger Jill said...
Wait for my Brilliant of 2012 list.

Anonymous The WP said...
Baba Wawa is about as relevant as Entertainment Tonight.

In other words, she's no longer journlist; she is a celebutard butt kisser.