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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Top 10 Lies Told by Mitt Romney at the 2nd Debate

(A Brilliant at Breakfast exclusive.)

At the second presidential debate at Hofstra University on October 16th, Think Progress reported that Republican presidential nominee Willard Mitt Romney told 31 lies in the 41 minutes in which he spoke. This would seem to shatter Romney's short-lived record of telling 27 lies in 38 minutes in the first debate and far surpasses the mark of a mere 24 lies in 40 minutes set by his running mate Rep. Paul Ryan at the Vice Presidential debate. But of these 82 falsehoods in just under two combined hours, what were the top 10 told by Mr. Romney during the last presidential debate in Hempstead?

  • 10) The president was siphoning $716 billion from Medicare coverage to turn the Lincoln Bedroom into a bachelor's pad.
  • 9) That Bain Capital didn't send American jobs to China but that we shouldn't feel too bad even if they had because their Chinese replacements "don't have rights, a union, a break room or even breaks."
  • 8) That his running mate Paul Ryan invites himself into soup kitchens on his way to the airport and washes clean pots and pans all the time but there's no truth to the rumor that he'd once barged his way into a hospice center and cleaned a bedpan after a patient had already died.
  • 7) Claimed that on September 12th the president waved a gigantic red, white and blue foam finger and cheered on the Benghazi terrorists from the Rose Garden.
  • 6) He felt truly sorry for the Sensata employee who could no longer afford dance lessons for her daughter but added, "Do you have any idea what it costs for ballet lessons for a horse?!"
  • 5) Denied ever privately saying that moderator Candy Crowley, "wouldn't fit into the biggest binder."
  • 4) That Obama bought a Muslim prayer rug embossed with a hammer and sickle on eBay on Sen. Lindsey Graham's American Express card.
  • 3) Sasha and Malia are bigger party animals than the Bush twins.
  • 2) His wife Ann's personal hero is not Annie Palmer of Rose Hall infamy.
  • 1) That his son Tagg wouldn't take it too hard after the President refused to call him a liar.
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    Blogger WenD said...
    What's the point of mocking a reality that isn't funny?

    Blogger jurassicpork said...
    Well, granted, Mitt didn't leave me much wiggle room.