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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pic o' the Day

There's so much irony packed into this one photo, it irresistibly brings to mind the axiom of a picture being worth 1000 words. This is the Rmoney tour bus in his native Michigan, with barely enough supporters for a pickup basketball team. Note the message on the billboard behind it, which seems to mock the Rmoney campaign for not bringing its game. Then note the name at the top of the billboard: Clear Channel, which is owned by none other than Rmoney's Bain Capital.

It's pictures like this that seem to validate my opinion that about two thirds of all political campaigns are fueled by an impenetrable blanket of delusion. And no matter how much the corporate mainstream media may flog the dead nag of the Rmoney campaign, it will not turn this into the obligatory two horse race. There's one thoroughbred in this race and that's the virtually uncontested Barack Obama. Otherwise, how can the race for the White House be won by a guy who can't even carry his home state (Karl Rove's GPS Crossroads even pulled all ads from Michigan as well as Pennsylvania) and the one he used to govern?

Stick a silver fork in him. Rmoney's done.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I just spent a couple of weeks driving around the Mountain West - UT, WY, ID, MT, hard-core Repuke territory - and only saw two Rmoney yard signs or bumper stickers. Stick a fork in it, he's done.

Anonymous toma said...
You haven't apparently heard. The Muslims rioted and the Obama campaign is now in freefall. Because that's his core constituency, rioters and terrorists abroad. Vote for Romney before the shame becomes unbearable.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Now let's see, which one am I this week, a rioter or a terrorist? Ooohhhh, it's my off week, I get to be a Liberal commie! Free ice cream for all comrades!