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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maybe it was ALWAYS a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing
Posted by Jill | 5:46 AM
It's always seemed odd to me that when hundreds of thousands of people marched in the streets in early 2003 against going to war in Iraq, we were dismissed by the press as a "fringe element", out of touch with "mainstream America." But when hundred people started yelling at legislators' town hall meetings and adopted a name that has connotations of patriotism, the press and the media fell immediately in love and decided that the teabaggers were a formidable political force. Their adoration of this bunch of ignorant, out-of-work fools fighting for the rights of corporations to screw them over even more, is one of the great hoodwinks of the modern era. That much of this so-called "grassroots energy was (and still is) fueled by Koch Industries money didn't faze them one bit. Chris Matthews and others branded this bunch of lickspittles as the next wave in America, and without asking questions, allowed the Koch brothers to buy themselves elections nationwide, recruiting armies of the dissatisfied to give them cover.

With the spectacular fall in teabagger support since the 2010 election showed us a taste of what Teabag America is REALLY going to look like, perhaps it's time to re-evaluate whether it was ever what the media turned it into. When even the MILF-du-jour can't pack a house in the heart of anti-Obama America, perhaps it's over already:
Michele Bachmann’s much-anticipated Tax Day rally on Monday was a "dud" that drew a paltry 300 people in Columbia, S.C., according to reports.
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Bachmann met privately with South Carolina GOP Gov. Nikki Haley ahead of her speech to the small crowd in the Palmetto state’s capital.

The Minnesota congressman rallied the tea party supporters with a call to block Washington from raising the debt ceiling and an attack on President Barack Obama for being too close to Wall Street.

She told reporters after the rally that while she has yet to make an announcement on a run for president, she is looking forward to the opportunity to take on Obama, The Associated Press reported.

The rally's sparse attendance is attracing nearly as much attention as Bachmann's remarks.

Except thanks to the gullibility of these people, we're now stuck with the likes of Scott Walker and John Kasich, and Michigan and Florida are being Rickrolled by Ricks Snyder and Scott.

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Blogger Litzz11@yahoo.com said...
I think the media, in its ignorance, viewed liberals marching against the war as a "dog bites man" story, whereas conservatives protesting the government was viewed as a "man bites dog" story.

This is because our media tends to view everything through some very carefully constructed "memes" that have been constructed by Villagers in their bubble. You know: welfare queens, liberals spitting on Vietnam veterans, Paul Wellstone's funeral became a political event, etc. These are all parts of these fairy tales.

The right wing is very good at crafting these memes and selling them to the press. The idea that the Tea Party is some kind of "grassroots" populist movement is another one.

I don't get why the left's memes are never adopted by the mainstream press, but they aren't. Or, very rarely.

Blogger PR said...
No! We are stuck with the tea-baggers because the Dems are a bunch of useless pieces of shit.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
And Virginia has Bob McDonnell, plus faith-based science maven Ken Cuccinelli as Attorney General. Look out, Wisconsin, we're catching up!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, that's because progressives are never to be taken seriously, whereas the yowlings of a mob of ignorant yokels must be treated with deference and Great Seriousness....after all, they're the Voice Of The People, right?

Now why does that Those Darn Accordions' song "Them Hippies Was Right" keep playing in my head?