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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Help out your fellow Americans
Posted by Jill | 6:43 AM
On Tuesday night, I was over at Hoffmania's Super Tuesday chat, where Monkeyfister was popping in from Memphis every now and then -- as electrical power permitted -- just to let everyone know he was all right, living as he does in the heart of the area hit by Tuesday's ferocious and unseasonal tornadoes. It was a rare first-hand glimpse for those of us living in states not ordinarily affected by tornadoes of the terror these storms cause in those who live in the Midwest.

While the so-called president is offering prayers instead of real, concrete help (because God forbid Blackwater should sacrifice a few dollars to Americans whose homes have been destroyed, it's up to the rest of us to prove that what Barack Obama said in 2004 was right -- that we are not red states and blue states, that we are all Americans, and while we may at times be a dysfunctional family, we are part of the American family. And just as we reached out to the people of New Orleans, it's time to reach out to the people of Tennessee and environs who lost their homes and loved ones.

I'll let MF tell you how you can help:

Whilst we're waiting for George's Promised Prayers to roll in, down here in the Tornado-Stricken Mid-South, I might recommend some DIRECT HUMAN INTERACTION.

This Is My Best First Start To Help My Region.

As Scout Prime is to NOLA, I am, suddenly, to the Mid-South area (I LIVE here, and was Live-Blogging these horrible storms all night), and have started to get the help-ball rolling down here. Some of you know where I work. I started a Food Drive there today for the Mid-South United Way Food Bank.

As the area affected is so broad and detached, and everyone in the Country was distracted by politics last night, as yet, there is no central assistance hub set-up. So, at the link, above, you'll find the two agencies with the broadest radius to help the area right now. Both take DIRECT donations.

A small-blog swarm on that post (or this comment) would be greatly appreciated by more people than just me. I can't describe how wide-spread the damage is down here. It's enormous. The Media, per usual, is only just now waking up to the situation, after their Super-Duper-Let's-All-Wet-Our-Pants-Together- Tuesday Political Hangover. Like NOLA, these are REALLY poor folks down here, and have nothing, and nowhere to go.

A short post about this at YOUR Blog, linking either to my post, above, or directly to the two Orgs mentioned in the post above, would sure be a big help, and would be greatly appreciated by many people who are relying on help. They are all that we have right now.

I just donated a deer's worth of ground venison, along with the 100 pounds of rice and quart-sized ziplock bags that they said that they needed at the United Way Mid-South Food Bank, when I phoned them this morning. Their pantry is BARE, and I'll be loading them up with all the potatoes, rice, veggies, bags, and other staples that I can fit in my truck tomorrow.

This is serious Red State country, and a flood of help from the DFH Left would REALLY make a big difference in a number of good ways.

I thank you all in advance.

Click Here for more about what's going on down here. It's all that I am writing about right now. Help is needed.

Your humble peer,


So please....kick in what you can, and if you have a blog, please join the blogswarm and show your fellow Americans, some of whom may only hear about us when talk radio talks about those mean and irresponsible bloggers, what we can do as a group.

MF will be providing regular updates, so for the straight story about what's going on in the aftermath of these terrible storms, this is where to go. and if you'd like to see what this storm looked like first hand, go here.

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