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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Around the Blogroll and elsewhere: Now with additional commentary.
Posted by Jill | 4:36 PM
I had wanted to write about the Chris Christie weight fracas this week, but since I already covered the fat beat recently, I figured anything I had to say would be redundant. I did feel reassured this week when I walked up to the third floor of the building where I work without feeling like my legs were falling off during the last three steps, and I'm not in Christie's league, but I don't think doctors should be generalizing about someone's weight without an examination any more if they are obese than I do if they are in a permanent vegetative state. But now here comes Susie Madrak, with some good old common sense about how what we already KNOW about Chris Christie's health means there's no way he could handle a presidential campaign.

I did a lot of snow shoveling today too and didn't die from a coronary. So there.

Driftglass on the Fall of the House of Bircher. Every time I think of the John Birch Society, I remember the day that guy from that august group appeared in my 11th grade history class to talk about how gun control was tyranny -- the same day I had learned earlier that morning that one of my friends had been shot point-blank in the head by her own father.

Lynn looks at America's gun craziness through a planetary lens. And I don't want to read any snickering in the comments about how Uranus is in Aries. Yes, BNJ, I'm talking to you.

Howie Klein introduces what appears to be another strong young progressive emerging in Massachusetts. I'm always happy to see young players in the minor leagues. It means the major league team has depth and more importantly, a future.

PhysioProf's Blizzard Bolognese looks delicious, but a) I don't eat veal; and b) there is a wonderful smelling beef stew, redolent with cremini mushrooms, red wine, halved multicolor fingerling potatoes, and most importantly, BACON!!!! in the crockpot.

Princess Sparkle Pony critiques George W. Bush's oeuvre artistique narcissiste. YOU read it. I want to scrub my eyeballs with Brillo just imagining the mindset that we endured for eight years and then went home to paint these.

I missed this earlier because of dealing with things like mortality, but Konagod got all philosophical and musey about, well, things like mortality.

Ramona on the Return of the Transvaginal Ultrasound. Seriously, what is with Republican men? They're obsessed with guns and ladyparts. And yet when someone is found to have actual sex with an underage girl, or is caught in a hotel room in a diving suit with a dildo stuffed somewhere, or advocating an abortion for his girlfriend, or "hiking the Appalachian Trail", it's always a conservative. Why can't these men just get some therapy and leave us be?

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Blogger Nan said...
I kind of wish people would stop talking about W's paintings. I made the mistake of looking at them so every reminder makes me want to reach for the brain bleach again.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's interesting to me that while other ex-presidents have gone on to do amazing things (Carter and Clinton come to mind), Dubya is busy painting himself in the bathroom. Maybe it's because he's afraid to go out in public for fear of being arrested for war crimes, so this is all he can do with his life. In any case, he's a despicable narcissist - whether he has semi painting skills or not.