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Friday, October 26, 2012

But will there be locusts?
Posted by Jill | 6:54 AM

Here in New Jersey, soon to be known as The Epicenter Of The Most Amazing, Awesome, Terrible, Very Bad Mega-Super-Giganta-Catastrophic-Booming-ZOMG-Holy-Crap-Rainmageddon-Windpocalypse Storm Of All Time, we are trying to get ready for whatever surprises Sandy has in store for next week.

Predictions for our slightly inland area right now are for gale-force winds and 5+ inches of rain. Having foolishly left gasoline in our generator after LAST October's Snowmageddon (which interestingly took place on the same day as this one is expected, we now have to siphon out nearly five gallons of old gasoline from the generator, put new gas in, and then figure out what to do with the old gas. This time we are more knowledgeable, so we have a nice little bottle of Stabil handy for when it happens again. So we will fire up the genny, pray the sump pump works, and hope that the power holds out -- all vain hopes, I know.

The good thing is that I have signed a contract to have some work done in the house anyway, so hopefully if I have to I can throw a few more thousand dollars his way to replace the inevitable wet sheetrock that may occur if the rain is more than about 4-5 inches and the power inevitably goes out and doesn't come back on for days. I had hoped to have him fix the gaping hole at the bottom of the front steps where the ground has settled, but instead I'll have to settle for a bucket of concrete patch and whatever I can do.

Arborist trucks have been out in force yesterday trying to deal with trees close to the streets that are most likely to cause power lines to fall. But in an area dominated by 100+ year old oak trees, anything can happen, including destruction of entire second floors of houses like mine. I pay an arborist a ton of money to keep my oaks trimmed and monitor their health, but I am nervous about them anyway, let alone the tree on the next block that never quite leafed out properly this year and is now covered with green fungus -- the one that if it falls toward the street is likely to bring down power to the entire neighborhood.

We have flashlights, Halloween candy, tuna fish, peanut butter, and bread...and will lay in a few more supplies today and tomorrow. But it's batten down the hatches, folks.

(Meanwhile, in Naples, Florida, in the actual hurricane zone, forecasts for Monday and Tuesday are for sunny weather with highs in the 70s. Cue Pat Robertson talking about left-wing, communist, Jewish, homosexual pornographers.)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm about 20 NW of Phila. Just listened to the local weather. 60-80 MPH winds. 8-10+ inches of rain expected. I also live in a neighborhood surrounded by huge old oak trees. I'm hoping none come down. This is going to be a mess.
I haven't heard a peep from our "wonderful" governor. Guess he figures he'll be safe and sound in Harrisburg.