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Friday, July 27, 2012

Getting ready for the "family values" party
Posted by Jill | 4:57 AM
Tampa strip clubs are gearing up for an influx of sexually repressed GOP men (NYT link):
As Tampa gears up for the Republican National Convention, the biggest party it has ever held, the city and its businesses are primping and polishing for the August arrival of tens of thousands of visitors. Like it or not — mostly not, for city officials — Tampa’s well-known strip clubs have joined the welcome wagon.

Club owners here say they have schmoozed with their counterparts in former host cities, like Denver, and have been told that revenue pours in during conventions, sometimes quadrupling earnings from a Super Bowl week. As for party affiliation, this is one place where the country’s caustic partisan differences fall away, owners say.

Angelina Spencer, the executive director of the Association of Club Executives, which serves as a trade association for strip clubs, said an informal survey of convention business in New York and Denver had determined that Republicans dropped more money at clubs, by far.


... Jazmin, 19, prepared to live-chat on a webcam to a faraway customer, one of the club’s new features. She is also preparing for the convention. Given the opportunity to stand up before a politician, she will do her job, naturally, but also share her own tale of financial struggle, as many voters here would do.

Laid off from a job in the Medicaid billing industry, she scraped by as a cashier at a grocery store. The paycheck scarcely covered her car payments, she said. Then a friend of a friend told her about the strip club, and now there she is, saving her money (the most she’s ever made) for nursing school.

How fitting. The party that is getting ready to nominate a guy whose signature acheivement is saving a few minimum-wage jobs at Staples is goingto by night stuff dollar bills into the G-strings of nineteen-year-olds for whom the only job paying more than minimum wage is giving lap dances to Republicans.

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Blogger Ahab said...
And I'm sure right after the club shenanigans, they'll go right back to defending "traditional" marriage and lambasting sexual immorality. Hypocrites.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I also noted, in either this article or another one, that Repubs drop more money at strip clubs than Dems do. Doesn't say much for the Party of Jeebus, does it?