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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Around the Blogroll and Elsewhere: I Can Has Sleep Nao? edition
Posted by Jill | 7:07 AM
Most days I really don't feel my age. I have pretty good energy, and despite my girth, I climb up to the third floor of my place of employment every morning with a backpack stuffed with a behemoth of a Lenovo StinkPad in it strapped on my back. One thing I simply cannot do anymore is stay up late and function in a sleep-deprived state, which is why, when I was up working Thursday night till 1:30 AM Friday, the four hours of sleep I managed to get was not enough to keep me from babbling like an idiot by noon on Friday. All of this meant that I was too tired yesterday to enjoy a rare 75-degree day in July.

So what's going on in the world?

Juan Cole writes about the individual in U.S. Government who actually IS tied to the Muslim Brotherhood -- and her name is "Michele Bachmann".

Tom Degan looks at the Aurora massacre from the perspective of personal loss and finds nothing has changed since then.

Driftglass looks at the entirety of David Brooks' career -- and takes no prisoners.

Oliver Willis gives a history lesson to a Fox News guy.

This week I had the unmitigated joy of discovering that one of my European colleagues is secretly a major, major geek. For those who aren't, here's ComicCon by the Numbers (via Elayne).

If you're thinking your 401(k) is going to fund your retirement, or if you've fallen into the trap of believing that you'd get a better return letting Wall Street handle your Social Security, Nathaniel Downes at Addicting Info will set you straight right quick.

Laffy makes me wish my Senator, Frank Lautenberg, could live forever.

Charles Johnson presents evidence that Willard Rmoney is so disliked he even has to buy Twitter followers. (And I will never stop marveling that I can link to LGF...) Also, too.

Comradde Physioproffe on how conservatives misinterpret the Constitution.

Ted Frier on The Party of Intolerance and Hate.

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Anonymous Comrade Physioprof said...
Thanks for the fucken link, Jill! You're the best!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thank you for taking the time to share these, they were very informative. I can relate to walking around like a zombie, I work overnight (sigh).