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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Posted by Jill | 6:48 PM
I can't think of a thing to say. I'm tired, exhausted, spent. And I really hate the new Blogger interface with every fiber of my being. Considering switching to WordPress if I can ever get the time to get up to speed with it. I already own this blog's .com domain name. Will be back as soon as the craziness is over and I get something resembling a life back.
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Anonymous The Wifely Person said...
Speedy recovery?????

Anonymous Sherry Peyton said...
I got fed up with blogger some time ago and went to wordpress. I've loved it. You get answers, usually within minutes to any problems, and they are continually upgrading the system and what it can do. It's always a hassle to change, but worth it in the end. They import fine and have so many blog templates you can surely find one that will allow B at B to shine it's best. :)

Blogger Elizabeth Adams said...
Looking forward to your return.

Take care.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The details of your current problem are your business. Hope everything straightens out for you soon. Your many essays are a delight in so many ways: informative, honest and always entertaining. Hope you feel better soon. I know many of us surfers miss your work.

Thanks for helping us "get our minds right" as the warden said in "Cool Hand Luke."

Blogger Jimbo said...
Wow. Sounds like it's a bad day(s) Like your blog and hope it continues. I have a wordpress blog and have had no problems with it.

Anonymous Southern Beale said...
I switched to WordPress about a year ago after one too many Blogger outages. I've liked it just fine, though if you've been using Blogger for a while it takes some getting used to. I've also blogged on TypePad and have found that one to be pretty easy to use as well. So, lots of options!

Anonymous Lush Rimbaud said...
Love your writing. Please come back when you can.

Blogger jurassicpork said...
There's a way to go back to the old template. Go to your dashboard. See the gear icon in the upper right corner? Click on that and choose to go back to the old version. I did. I loath the new one.