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Thursday, April 26, 2012

This is getting depressing already
Posted by Jill | 9:27 PM
I know we have to start getting used to this, but it doesn't make it any easier.

In the 1960's, New York was the capital of album-oriented radio.  If you grew up in this area, you listened to WNEW-FM at 102.7 and there you listened to Pete Fornatale's Mixed Bag program.  If you still live in the area and you want to listen to new music that isn't shrieking pop divas and hip-hop, your home for folk-tinged pop music is still WFUV, where Fornatale started his radio career as a Fordham University undergraduate and to which he came home after WNEW became a home to shrieking pop divas and hip-hop.

Pete Fornatale died today at the age of 66 from the aftermath of a brain hemorrhage suffered on April 15.  It's difficult to imagine music radio without him.

Reminiscences can be posted at WFUV's messageboard, and I suspect that our own sometime blogger Bob Rixon, a radio guy himself, will have something to say over at his place.

Here's Part I of a 2007 interview that Pete Fornatale did with Pete Seeger, Roger McGuinn, and film director Jim Brown:

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Blogger D. said...
*sigh* No, it doesn't get easier. That voice is summonable merely by saying the name.


Blogger PurpleGirl said...
Oh, no.

Yeah, I listened to WNEW for hours... Besides Pete Fornatel, I loved Allison Steele (The Night Bird).