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Friday, March 02, 2012

No Fluke Here

I'm just going to make this short and not-so-sweet:

Rush Limbaugh is a human being only in a biological, anthropological sense in which pus runs through his hardened veins and arteries instead of blood. By calling Sandra Fluke a "slut" and a prostitute on his bile delivery system of a radio show after she was denied the right to testify before Congress on female birth control, it appears as if he'd finally crossed the line that he'd actually crossed decades ago. Indeed, it's an ongoing indictment of the stupidity, ignorance, complacency and often vicious nature of the American people that this man has given us countless opportunities in the past to run him off the radio or, at the very least, have his sponsors pull out of his show and that he's still on the air making tens of millions of dollars a year.

Sleep Train is the first of such sponsors to pull from Limbaugh's show, with Heart and Body Extract following earlier today, although that won't prevent them from putting their ads elsewhere on Clear Channel's stable of right wing hate radios shows. Hopefully, there will be more to follow.

Since Limbaugh's show is nationally syndicated, that means he has more local sponsors than he does national ones. If you wish to write to his national sponsors and to let them know what their ad revenue is subsidizing, you could do a lot worse than to start with the one begun by Left Leaning Liberal Lady's list.

Let's not let this movement lose steam. Years ago, Spocko's Brain cost KSFO at least a half a million dollars in ad revenue by getting sponsors of Melanie Morgan's show and other KSFO shows to leave in droves. If and when you contact these sponsors, do not demand they pull out. Merely provide links or sound clips of some of Limbaugh's greatest hits, including his misogynist diatribe on Ms. Fluke, and simply give them the opportunity to judge for themselves if they wish to weather the boycott of their products and services by remaining associated with Rusty.

On a personal note, does anyone think it's highly hypocritical for Limbaugh to call a woman he doesn't even know "a slut" and a prostitute after he was caught in a Florida airport not too long ago with a suitcase full of Viagra in someone else's name after coming back from the Dominican?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Gee I need help. I've got this bad masturbation problem, six to eight times a day. Is there a way I can get money from the government so I can buy more paper towels? I'm going broke.

Blogger Jill said...
Anon: the fact that jerking off is your only sex life shows that you really don't know how contraception works, do you? But thanks for playing; I have a post on fear and loathing of women's sexuality in the works and you have just become the posterboy. Congrats!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks, Jill, I'll look forward to reading it. Meanwhile, could you point out how my example is different in any way from Fluke's plea?

Blogger Bartender Cabbie said...
Anon could try a sock. It worked for me as a pimply faced kid. Until I was asked by my mother (who washed the clothes) to please stop it. I was pretty red faced that day.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
anon., you mean beside the fact that it has nothing to do with government paying for anything, it has to do with insurance coverage ?? work on those non existent reading skills instead of jerking off, wouldja ? you're embarrassing the entire rest of the human race. idjit.

mrs. jp

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Gee, Anon II, you're right. I should have said is there any way I can get the gubmint to force insurance companies to buy me paper towels at the point of a gun?
Hows that, better?