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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Queen of Qrazy
Posted by Jill | 7:14 AM

You haven't heard much about Orly Taitz lately. One would think that after four years of trying to get Barack Obama declared as a criminal, an impostor, and a liar about his background, to no avail, she'd go back to being a dentist and give it up. But no, this dame is as crazily obsessed as Madonna's stalker.

Undeterred by having been soundly smacked down in Georgia in her joint effort with teabaggers to keep Barack Obama off the ballot there, Orly Taitz took her Screech-a-palooza tour back to Indiana this week, where she'd tried the same stunt in 2008. Here's a transcript of what transpired at her appearance before the Indiana Election Commission, and here's my favorite excerpt:
MR. DUMEZICH: Let me just make sure I get this right. There's a motion on the floor. I've heard a second. I can now move for discussion. Discussion to Member Riordan.

MS. RIORDAN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I've reviewed these materials, and actually they're not 300 pages of sworn testimony. There are several unnumbered pages of proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law, which is a so-called legal document that you drafted, no grounds for admission, 100 percent hearsay. And then we have several pages of typed transcript, which I've read some of, and it's actually pretty ridiculous, but again, 100 percent hearsay, inadmissible, and there are a number of other many illegible documents, totally unclear where they came from, whether they were printed off the internet or just some random other source. Nothing that is appropriately before the commission. There's been no personal authentication or certification or any reason put forth why this body should be taking the public's time to even review these documents for a minute. And so with that, I would ask that unless there's any more discussion, I'd like to call the question on the motion to deny the admission of this evidence so that we can move forward to looking at this on the merits.

MS. TAITZ: I have more evidence aside from what was provided.

MR. DUMEZICH: We're in the discussion phase of the commission at this point in time. The way that I look at this, you've submitted these documents. These are lodged with the commission. Regardless of what happens today, you have a remedy, which is a judicial remedy, which would be more appropriate. Frankly, I would get an attorney in Indiana, okay, that's licensed here, to put together a case, because what I can see in front of me, and I've reviewed these documents -- and believe me, I'm not a fan of Barack Obama, but he is the President of the United States, and he should not be subjected to this sort of evidence that is unsubstantiated. That's a problem. That's a problem. It's all hearsay.

MS. TAITZ: Sir, it's not hearsay. I have evidence. You're not willing to listen, because you have decided, and this lady has her decision and her mind made before this even started, just by saying this was ridiculous. What is ridiculous? I personally -- I provided my affidavit. I'm here to authenticate my affidavit. Can you explain to me as an attorney what is ridiculous in me authenticating my own affidavit? Can you explain what is ridiculous in that?

[Brief discussion.]

MR. DUMEZICH: Could we have a motion on the floor?


MR. DUMEZICH: Whoa, whoa. You're out of order.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Okay, well, you're out of order.

MS. TAITZ: You're all out of order.

At least now we know what Ms. Taitz rents from Netflix.

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Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...
Is it irony or insanity that the Party of Ronald Reagan Denouncer of the Evil Empire is following the insane ramblings of a child of the Soviet Union?

Or it could just be because the President is black...

Blogger jurassicpork said...
Someone's been watching "...And Justice for All" too many times.