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Friday, March 02, 2012

Around the Blogroll and Elsewhere: Sorry, Andrew, but the world didn't revolve around you edition
Posted by Jill | 5:40 AM
Despite the hue and cry over "liberal hate" about the death of right-wing hatemonger, provocateur, and financier of a certain sniveling little rat-faced git currently living with his Mommy and Daddy in Westwood, New Jersey, the response among my bloggy compatriots (our own jurassicpork notwithstanding) has been relatively subdued. I've been sort of picking through this one like dried beans, trying to separate out the increasingly unhinged hatemonger we've seen over the last few years from the husband and father whose family has lost him far too soon. I can't be happy about someone dropping dead at 43 and leaving four young children behind, but I can be glad that he can't do any more damage to our national discourse and can no longer destroy people for fun.

But there ARE other things going on in this lunatic asylum of a country of ours.

Ted Frier turns Allan Bloom on his head with The Closing of the Conservative Mind.

Charlie Pierce on Obama getting his Candidate on in New Hampshire.

Korie Beth Brown at Addicting Info: ‘Godless’Liberals Speak Out.

Oh. That's why.

Doghouse Riley wonders why Olympia Snowe has just woken up NOW to what her party has become.

Will IOKIYAR apply to this too?

It isn't just me. I may be wearing o'the tinfoil that all this GOP primary crap is kabuki theatre designed to make independents embrace the idea of another Scion of the House of Bush, but I'm not the only one convinced of who the actual GOP nominee will be.

Oh, OK. If you insist. Michael Stickings gets it about right. So does Dennis G. Of course, then there's the inevitable.

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Blogger Bartender Cabbie said...
Breitbart? One man's "journalistic terrorist" is another's investigative journalist. Or so they say.